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Boating Dreams: Around the world prospect at 13

Many people dream about sailing around the world, what makes Ines Chiu Gonzalez so special is that she already at 13 has her target set; she aims to sail around the World.


The Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Hong Kong presented a unique opportunity for Ines. She was especially invited to join Team Mapfre during the Pro-Am. Having both Chinese and Spanish roots, no other matching could have been better. It was not just random luck that gave her the opportunity to join. Well ahead of the stopover she wrote the organizers her story:

I have a surpassing passion for the ocean; in fact, I spend most of my time sailing in the beautiful deep blue which I call my second home. I started this journey as a way to pass the time one summer afternoon in Spain. Shortly after, I joined a sailing class in Hong Kong, and now I find myself in the Sharks team of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club. The coaches are phenomenal, and I see myself growing as a sailor by the week.”


Skipper Xabi Fernández and his team Mapfre certainly took well care of their special guest who had a rare occasion to test the crew gear and participated in a short course.

- It is a massive dream come true, says Ines with sparkle in her eyes.

She also had a chance to discuss her second passion concerning the ocean. She wants to have an impact in the challenge to save the ocean.

- Right now, I participate in beach clean ups with my school, but I really want to do more, explains Ines.

Full of charm Ines immediately became a favorite among the team. But don’t be surprised if she returns to compete with or against them some years down the line.


Ines Chiu Gonzalez' Boating Dream

Sailing Around the World

13 year old Ines Chiu Gonzalez calls the sea a second home and spends most of her time sailing. Now she wants to sail around the world.

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