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Powering Life’s Most Important Moments: Industrial Made to Move You

Providing power for when and where it’s most needed, Volvo Penta rests at the heart of pivotal moments that create memories to last a lifetime. We build upon the foundation of our strong heritage in the industrial and marine industries to create solutions that make a difference.

Volvo Penta is Made to Move You

Volvo Penta is behind the scenes of new technologies that carry our valued partners into the future. We want to create a more sustainable world with our products. We work diligently to anticipate the needs that can take them to the next level of fun, of prosperity and more.

No matter the business, location, or the application, Volvo Penta is behind you every step of the way. Because we are designed with a purpose, we power your moments and fuel your dreams – big or small. We weren’t made to simply be a diesel engine behind your vessel or inside an industrial application. We operate to build a better tomorrow.

To illustrate how Volvo Penta is powering life’s important moments, we created a video that we hope you will enjoy. It showcases a special tradition between father and daughter that was unexpectedly disrupted. Not only did the bride’s father come to his daughter’s rescue, but the generator did too. This powerful moment that salvaged the festivities also strengthened the relationship between a father and daughter – truly creating a memory to last a lifetime. We invite you to take a look for yourself.

The “human” touch to power generation engines

In the power generation industry, most of the content focuses on highlighting product specs, along with the tough job that the engine can conquer. Little focus is placed on the people who are affected by the engines.

Instead of using this traditional method to promote power generation engines, Volvo Penta took a different approach with our marketing strategy that captured audience attention. We wanted to connect with the customers on more a personal level by using emotional storytelling. That concept guided us into creating a video that showcased how our backup generators could save the day.

At the end of the day, humans are the ones who are use, or benefit from, Volvo Penta’s backup power solutions. Focusing on the human side of the technology has been a successful approach that we’ve taken across all areas of marketing in recent years. We continue to identify how to strengthen the line of communication with customers and potential customers.

Personifying the Volvo Penta brand

Brand personification is a reliable marketing technique that capitalizes on human connection. It resonates more with the general public outside of our specific industry.

Generators are essentially invisible to most but are well needed in emergency situations. Volvo Penta saw this as an opportunity to showcase the hidden hero working behind the scenes. Aiming for an emotional response between power generators and human beings, our team was able to highlight how engines share a close bond with the customers who use them. It also exemplified how reliable power can leave a positive impact in their lives.

Response to Made to Move You

Audiences took extremely well to the Made to Move You video through social media marketing. It received many positive reactions and engagement from viewers. Many users said that it was a beautiful video, others said they loved it and more message alike. It received great feedback from the media also, with a feature from Power Magazine.

Aside from the positive response, the Made to Move You power generation video progressively garnered positive online results as well. It achieved more than 1.4 million impressions just by the beginning of September, about 3 months since its launch. It continues to be one of the most popular videos produced by Volvo Penta with the number of likes and impressions still increasing online.

After seeing the positive response from the audience, Volvo Penta will expand this concept to other segments of our business.

Emotional videos and impactful results

When people begin to visualize themselves in the particular situation within the Made to Move You video, they may be able to better understand why reliable power is needed. This is the kind of response that defines marketing, and establishes a strong connection between product and people. Storytelling with an emotional appeal positively impacted the promotion of Volvo Penta power generation engines and also created a memorable impression for the viewers.

Made to Move You provided Volvo Penta with the valuable opportunity to reach new audiences and generate more brand awareness within the Industrial power generation segment. When marketing strategies help people connect with the product more, it becomes easier to build awareness in the market.