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Volvo Penta: The heart that never stops

Volvo Penta engines power agriculture all over the world. In Australia, they are helping farmers optimize irrigation through reliable performance and fuel efficiency.

Aaron and Donna Solomon, the owners of Diesel Gas Moree.

Australia is an agricultural powerhouse. Every year, farmers battle everything from extreme drought to relentless rain to produce resources that clothe and feed the world. In places like Moree, New South Wales, scorching hot summers put immense pressure on farmers to optimize their irrigation systems.

No one understands this better than Aaron and Donna Solomon, owners of Diesel Gas Moree, who have been supplying and servicing Volvo Penta engines to Moree’s farming families since 2009.

“The farmers around here have been putting up with some pretty harsh conditions over the last few years,” Aaron says. “The industry is looking for the most economical water management systems that are available to make every drop of water go as far as they can. They need their engines to be able to run when they’re asked to.”

Ben Watson, from Allabah Pastoral Company.

Ben Watson is from Allabah Pastoral Company, a large farm that produces cotton and raising livestock. Every day, Volvo Penta engines deliver indispensable work horses to Allabah’s pumps, running water with high reliability and uptime.

“We rely heavily on Volvo Penta to harvest water when it’s available,” he says. “If you head down there some four or five kilometres in the pouring rain and are not able to hit the start button, it can be detrimental. With Volvo Penta on board, it’s just been awesome. It’s really changed the reliability, and fuel efficiency too.”

David Phelps at Havana Farming also depends on diesel power to guarantee water is pumped to his vast plantation fields. The extended service intervals of Volvo Penta engines mean Havana Farming is cost-efficient and always dependable.

“Volvo Penta is where we went 20-25 years ago. They’ve been very reliable motors, and now that we’re in an upgrading situation, we are just sticking with Volvo; I don’t see any reason to change. They were ahead of their time 20 years ago, as the new ones are now; they’re at the forefront too. Like any business, you’ve got to keep it humming, otherwise things can go backwards pretty quick,” he says.

Reliable engine, reliable dealer
Diesel Gas Moree recently invested in a brand-new workshop, both to make Aaron and Donna Solomon’s lives easier but also to give farmers the confidence that they’re there for the long term.

“We’re supporting the farmers out in the field; we’re not just selling a product. We’ve got the spare parts to back it up, the field service, the staff, and now a new workshop,” Aaron says.

“They provide a high-quality service,” says David Phelps. “They bend over backwards to make sure your needs are met – and we’re pretty demanding people. They haven’t let me down yet and I don’t think they will.”

With over 100 years of stage of the art engine technology and engineering experience, Volvo Penta is here for generations to come, for the generations to come.