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Giving new life to old engines - Reman Engines

With the exact same standards and specifications – and with the same warranties – remanufactured diesel engines are literally as good as new. The only real difference is faster deliveries, higher uptime and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

A lot of engine manufacturers offer remanufacturing services. This is how the process works under the Volvo Penta Reman Components system when it comes to off-road applications.

When a customer experiences an engine failure, they have the option of exchanging it for a remanufactured engine. They simply take it to their Volvo Penta dealership and will often receive the remanufactured engine the very next day. Meanwhile the old engine core is then sent for disassembly, where it is taken apart and each component is thoroughly inspected. If the engine can be remanufactured, it is sent to a remanufacturing facility. There, the components are restored or replaced, depending on their condition. All re-used or restored components must fulfill the same specifications as a new part. Parts that cannot be restored are recycled.