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Volvo Penta extends its Glass Cockpit offering

Volvo Penta, together with Garmin, has extended its Glass Cockpit offering with a new range of displays that come in 7", 9", and 12" sizes.

Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit

The Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System is a modern and intuitive driver interface that collects and displays all driver information in one place: the multi‐function, touchscreen displays. Integrated with the Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control system (EVC), the Glass Cockpit provides a full overview and control of navigation and engine data, together with add‐on options. The aim is to make the experience from the helm as easy as possible. And now the Glass Cockpit will be available to an even wider audience with the introduction of a new series.

Available from May 2021, the latest Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit display line is called the B-series. The B-series range offers similar features to the current premium 8600-series but has slightly lower specifications, without compromising the system’s strong performance. This mid-range series will make the Glass Cockpit accessible to a wider range of customers who can now benefit from a high-level integrated system.

Over a decade of collaboration
For over 10 years, Volvo Penta and Garmin have collaborated to develop components. In 2013, they deliver an intuitive, fully integrated Glass Cockpit display system to marine leisure and selected commercial captains and operators. While the system has been most popular with the marine leisure segment there is growing interested in the marine commercial sector – although the system itself isn’t type approved.

The current 8600-series comes in a 10"-24" display size range and has a Full-HD resolution which gives the user an exceptional graphic experience. And with HDMI input, the display can be used as a TV. 

The new series
Although the display specifications on the B-series are slightly scaled-down, the new series fills the smaller screen size gap and also benefits from updated features such as an upgraded sonar module (XSV). The new B-series also has an SD-card reader on the backside of the display unit – so as not to break up the sleek display screen on the front side. This makes it easy for end customers to handle software updates and chart data. An SD card is pre-mounted in the display from factory. If a boat owner chooses to go for the Garmin Active Captian Smartphone App, no extra SD card is required. In a multi-display setup, only one display with an SD card is required to update the full system. The Glass Cockpit also features a Remote control (IPX7) that is compatible with both the 8600-series and B-series.

Boat owners can even go one step further with the help of OneHelm, which allows even more elements of the boat to be integrated into the Glass Cockpit interface – from boat lights to battery output – giving the operator full control.

Easy boating
Volvo Penta’s Easy Boating philosophy sees the company striving to make boating safer, more intuitive, and more accessible to a wider audience. The company is also carefully considering the wants and needs of a new generation of tech-savvy boaters. With all this in mind, the new series of Glass Cockpit displays are a more affordable option for a wider range of boaters and boat builders. Thanks to Glass Cockpit, users have access to features, such as the recently launched Volvo Penta Assisted Docking System, as well as other marine automation functionality and easy boating features, such as Autopilot.

“Our purpose with the B-series is to reach the boat builders and owners that want all our EVC functionalities and are keen to extend their display options but don’t require the premium display,” explains Henrik Karlsson, Volvo Penta’s Glass Cockpit Product Planner. “The B-series allows more boaters than ever before access to a wide range of features. The Glass Cockpit is also an important enabler for Assisted Docking and more such features in the future.”

The B-series replaces the A7 which has now been discontinued.