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Emission technology

Emission technology

Emission Technology

Reducing the Footprint

As a trusted supplier of industrial engines, we have a continuous responsibility to reduce our products’ environmental footprints. This is why we’ve chosen to only offer our customers engines that comply with Stage II/Tier 2 and upwards. By closely following the development of emission regulations we’ve proudly been able to offer our customers optimized solutions for these steps, engines that comply with legislation demands while never compromising on performance and efficiency. In everything we do, we work towards a better tomorrow.

Stage V

For the Stage V, Volvo Penta has designed a solution based on Selective Catalytic Reduction and an uncooled EGR. The result is power, low fuel consumption and reduced operational costs.

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Stage IV/tier 4 final

Using proven SCR technology and a light EGR system, our Stage IV/Tier 4 Final engines are reliable and durable and provide a decrease in fuel consumptions of up to 5%.

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Stage II & III/tier 2 & 3

To meet the demands of Stage II & III/Tier 2 & 3, Volvo Penta has chosen to work with a solution that consists of a robust engine construction with efficient combustion with low complexity.

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Adapted to Your Market

Volvo Penta products are designed to comply with current global emission legislation. That means that no matter what market you operate on or what regulations apply, there will always be a Volvo Penta engine that fits your requirement. Innovative emission-reducing technology has always been an integral part of product development. For example, the SCR technology has been part of our engine offer since the introduction of Stage IIIB.

Optimized Fuel Consumption and Low Emissions

Volvo Penta engines offer a combination of high power, low fuel consumption and low emissions that were unthinkable only ten years ago. This is the result of a number of technical solutions and innovations, such as – for example – the electronically controlled high-pressure injectors that make it possible to completely control the combustion and adapt to driving situation and fuel quality, resulting in excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Towards Sustainability

Environmental care is one of Volvo Penta’s core values and we work actively to develop resource efficient products with low environmental impact. However, sustainability means more than just emission levels. It is just as much about fuel economy, ease of installations and the total cost of ownership – all the parts that lower the environmental impact of your chosen power solution. Field testing to ensure durability, reliability and suitability for the application in the environment where they are to be used, is conducted and the latest advances in technology are employed to ensure that the engines meet emission legislation.

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