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High performance diesel engines

Keeping your operation in motion

Day and night – year after year – Volvo Penta industrial engines are running, boosting productivity all over the world, in everything from crowded container terminals to deep mines. High performance diesel engines run continuously – or for emergency operations – powering a wide range of industrial applications where performance and uptime make the difference. The engines are engineered to perform reliably under difficult conditions, with high performance and durability as a hallmark. Volvo Penta strives to provide customers with the highest levels of quality, safeguarding productivity. To further ensure trouble-free operation, all engines are supported by the extensive global Volvo Penta Dealer network.

Reliable, proven engine technology

Volvo Penta diesel engines are a result of our 100 years of experience in the industry. They are characterized by their high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, and low emissions levels. The Volvo Group diesel engine technology is thoroughly tested in trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine propulsion and a wide span of machine and equipment installations in a variety of industries. Reliable operation is proven in all climates – freezing and scorching, dry and wet – and in extreme working environments.

One of the world's most tested engines

There are currently more than 1,000,000 Volvo D13 engines operating worldwide. To support this huge population of engines, the Volvo Group has built up a global presence to maintain and service all these engines – ensuring superior uptime and productivity – all over the world.

Extended service intervals

To maximize uptime, most Volvo Penta Industrial engines can operate for 1,000 hours between service intervals. Productivity is increased and uptime is maximized by using the corresponding service protocol, an approved Volvo Penta Oil Analysis and genuine Volvo Penta oil filters with the appropriate oil and fuel quality.

Oil Analysis
Proven functionality

Volvo Group technology has enabled us to develop an engine range for a variety of power generation needs – reliable and durable engines with excellent load acceptance and efficient cooling, based on proven technology. When we introduced our first D13, more than 150,000 D13 engines had already proven themselves in different Volvo Group applications. This is just one example of our tried and tested technology.

Heavy-duty cooling system

The Volvo Penta Heavy-Duty cooling system is specifically designed for harsh and dusty workplaces, with side-by-side cooling packages capable of withstanding high-pressure water cleaning.

Heavy-duty wiring harness

Thanks to a unique manufacturing technique, the cables inside the tubing of the Volvo Penta Heavy-Duty wiring harness are practically immobile and can withstand the extreme vibrations in stone crushers or mining equipment.

Heavy-duty air filter

The fine stone dust in quarries and mines is no match for the Volvo Penta Heavy-Duty air filter. With fewer stops required to make filter changes, you can considerably increase your engine uptime.

Service & Support

Global Service & Support

The constantly growing network of qualified and skilled Volvo Penta service dealers covers around 130 countries. As an operator or OEM, you are offered tailor-made service and support offerings comprising everything needed to secure optimal uptime and superior cost of ownership over the life cycle.

Instant Power

With Volvo Penta power generation engines, you have access to the full power output from the second you start up the machine. For emergency/stand-by operations – usually intended as a backup in hospitals, nuclear plants or airports – the rigorously tried and tested Volvo Penta engines supply unmatched load acceptance and ability to immediately start and instantly deliver the sufficient load acceptance. The engines fulfill G3 demands on all power nodes according to ISO8528-5, meaning you can always rely on their performance.

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Choosing the right engine for your application can be tricky. Our team puts a lot of effort into right-sizing the engine for the application. Volvo Penta has multiple configurations to make sure the engine will perform no matter the circumstances. Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have about our engines.

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Minimizing total cost of ownership

Volvo Penta are designed and developed for long-term performance.We are part of The Volvo Group-world leader in diesel engine technology-which means that we benefit from the entire Group’d overall work with develpoing innovative,sustainable and fuel efficient solutions that add to your business credibility and bottom line. When you invest in a Volvo Penta powered product as a customer,we can help you maximize uptime,lower total cost of ownership and improve cost control of- giving you more tim to focus on you core business.

Fuel – The Critical Expense

By constantly enhancing our engines’ fuel efficiency, we give Volvo Penta engine operators a competitive edge. Over a five-year period, as much as 90–95% of your total cost for operating a prime power installation is made up of fuel cost. When you incorporate the fuel efficiency of Volvo Penta engines with recognized high quality and efficiency, you have all the bases for sustainable operation covered.

Start/stop technology saves on fuel

For off-road applications, the optional, easy to install Start/Stop technology will help reduce fuel consumption, noise and exhaust emissions. Through the function, the engine starts or stops governed by a number of pre-set conditions and resumes operation with an immediate start, which maximizes engine life and can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.

The Benefits of a Common Platform

All Volvo Penta engines share a common platform. Operations requiring the use of several engines of different sizes can considerably lower their costs by using only Volvo Penta engines. The shared service and accessory parts simplifies parts availability and results in shorter lead times, promoting overall productivity and – in the long run – an enhanced return on investment.

Extended Coverage

For protection beyond the international or national limited warranty, Volvo Penta offers Extended Coverage. With Extended Coverage the whole engine or just major components are covered for up to five years or 10,000 operating hours, allowing tailored coverage to your own requirements – for better predictability and added peace of mind.

Extended Coverage
Reduce ventilation costs

Improving conditions underground requires advanced engine technology and optimized ventilation rates. But proper ventilation of an underground mine is energy-consuming — and expensive. At the industry’s forefront for low emissions, Volvo Penta engines can help operators decrease ventilation rates and improve overall air quality in the mine — leading to cleaner air and lowered costs.


Built to adapt

The Volvo Penta engine range consists of premium products that ensure
top quality and performance, covering virtually any application use
within the industrial segment. Uptime and reliability are a given.
Productivity emerges as a result. And the versatility and flexibility of
what we provide translates directly to customer benefits.

The benefits of a Common platform

The engines in the Volvo Penta range share a common platform – a major benefit for OEMs who use multiple engine sizes in their product applications. The common platform simplifies the design work when developing new equipment and machines. Employing several Volvo Penta engines also means minimizing the time needed for training and introduction for the operator.

Easy Installation

Platform commonality includes engine layout (inline 6), ECU, instruments, controls, connections and after-treatment systems. This means easy installation and shorter lead times from design to serial production. The lightweight and compact engines can be easily used to build machines and equipment, even where space is limited.

Service and Support Made Easy

To further facilitate engine service, especially in tight compartments, Volvo Penta engines come with designed service corners – where all the engine’s service points are positioned for easy access. The platform commonality between Volvo Penta engines also results in increased parts availability and shorter lead times.

The Perfect Engine for Your Setup

Power Generation

Power Generation Engines

Volvo Penta power generation engines supply reliable, dependable power for your operation – no matter if it needs constant or backup power. Excelling in startability, durability and reliability, you can rest assured your business is running at full capacity. Our engine range consists of Prime Power Gensets and Stand-by Gensets in 5 to 16-liter variations.
Prime Power
Standby Power

Off-road Engines

With Volvo Penta engines for standby power, you’ll benefit from reliable startability and dependable backup high-effect power where and when you need it.


A Versatile Off-road Range

Characterized by their high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, and low emissions levels, Volvo Penta diesel engines for offroad applications are built to be versatile. The engines are developed to satisfy our OEMs’ demands, with low weight, compact designs, easy installation and optional equipment packages, making them perfect for numerous machine and equipment applications in a variety of industries.


Working a short harvest season or in a remote location calls for dependable performance. This need is met by the premium industrial power of Volvo Penta engine models, tailored for your specific agriculture vehicle. Our diesel engines power a variety of applications all over the world due to their excellent performance, fuel efficiency, reliability and more.


Volvo Penta’s off-road engines provide power to construction machines that need high performance. The industrial power of these engines is tailored to meet the demands of tough jobs, while lowering diesel fuel efficiency and your total cost of ownership. From quarries to highways, Volvo Penta’s industrial power solutions are the driving force for construction equipment across the globe.


Rough terrains and demanding environments are no match for Volvo Penta’s forestry engines. They provide the robust performance and reliability needed to withstand any tough job. Your business can depend on our industrial power solutions that have excellent fuel savings, uptime and productivity. These features are perfect for forestry machines that range from harvesters to loggers. No matter your needs, Volvo Penta’s industrial diesel engines are a top forestry power solution.

Material Handling

From warehouses to ports, Volvo Penta’s material handling engines get the job done. Economies and people all over the world depend on the goods that your business is responsible for, which is why material handling equipment requires uptime and ease of maintenance. We deliver this in our entire industrial engine range so terminal tractors, forklifts, cranes and more benefit from our industrial power solutions.


Long hours underground in demanding conditions are where Volvo Penta industrial engines make the difference. These tough diesel engines are designed to provide reliability and high industrial power despite harsh environments. They lower your total cost of ownership due to high uptime and fuel savings, in additional to reliable service – no matter where the job site is.

Special Vehicles

High pressure jobs need reliable and robust industrial power. This is why Volvo Penta’s industrial range of diesel engines will provide great uptime, fuel efficiency and performance that your business can depend on. From airport fire trucks to a snow removal machines, Volvo Penta’s industrial engines are a premium power solution for off-road vehicles.

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