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Rosenbauer RTX Electric Fire Truck

Rosenbaur RTX Electric Fire Truck

This isn’t a fire truck redesign, it’s a reinvention. Every square inch reimagined. Safety. Maneuverability. Agility. Power. The RTX is as much an ergonomic extension of the fire fighter as it is a truck. And while others are bringing electric vehicles into the industry, they’re not bringing this. This is the leader. The high-water mark. And this changes everything. A nearly silent operation but generating a buzz reverberating around the world. The mission was sustainability of people, property and planet. The result is the ultimate firefighting machine.


Innovations that speak for themselves 

Rosenbauer designed the RTX from scratch as a pure fire-fighting vehicle. This enabled the groundbreaking innovations that make it the most modern emergency vehicle in the world.

Driving dynamics and agility

With a vastly improved turning radius, high torque, and its low center of gravity; the RTX isn’t just an exchange from the combustion engine to an electric one. It’s a completely new drive concept that is revolutionizing the architecture of the rescue pumper firefighting vehicle, with numerous positive effects.

CO2 reduction and sustainability

The RTX's electric drive is not only powerful, but also emission-free. The batteries ensure that no fuel has to be burned while driving. Additionally the plastics used in the RTX are made from advanced materials for extreme durability, but also making them easier to recycle for sustainability reasons.

Network, connectivity and digitisation

The coordination of operations is a complex undertaking. The RTX is where all threads come together using state-of-the-art hardware and revolutionary software. As a result, the emergency crews are optimally informed and equipped for tasks unrelated to firefighting.

Safety first

The safety of the crews and all those involved in an operation takes top priority. With the RTX’s extremely high stability and active safety assistance systems, you can be sure to have safe operations time and time again.

Adapting & Advancing

The RT pushed Volvo Penta's electric drivelines to new heights. Unlike other Volvo Group EVs that might have two or sometimes three electric machines, the RT required four to do its job. All four electric machines have to be able to run simultaneously – two for propulsion, one for the range extender to provide extra battery power, and one for electric power takeoff, if fire-fighters want to rotate the foam pump for example. To achieve this, the Volvo Penta engineers created a system that is completely cutting edge in terms of Volvo Group technology.

Due to the required compact dimensions of a city fire truck, Volvo Penta created a new Active Cooling Unit (ACU). This component was developed in part collaboration with Rosenbauer. The new ACU draws on a 600V system – instead of the conventional 24V – this extra power allows Volvo Penta to not only cool the batteries but also offer cooling capacity to the Rosenbauer vehicle. This is one way Volvo Penta has optimized the design and adapted the complete electric driveline system for a specific vehicle, considering the exact application, usage, climate, and environment it will operate in.

RTX Specifications

DRIVING PERFORMANCE 360 kW peak / 260 kW continuous | Equivalent to 490 HP/350 HP
DRIVETRAIN All Wheel Drive | Dual Electric Motor
BATTERY CAPACITY 2, Volvo Penta Batteries totaling 132 kWh of power
AUXILIARY POWER BACKUP SYSTEM 3.0 Liter 300HP 6 Cylinder BMW Clean Diesel Engine
DRIVING AIDS EBS - Electronic Braking System
• ABS - Automatic Braking System
ESC - Electronic Stability Control
ADM - Automatic Drive Management
BRAKE SYSTEM 4 stage Electronic Regenerative Braking and 17" Disc Brakes
SUSPENSION SYSTEM Hendrickson Adjustable Air Suspension with 4 Modes
• 10" | Driving Mode
• 14" | Off Road Mode
• 19" | Wading Mode
STEERING Standard or All Wheel Steering (Countersteering and Crab Steering)
MIRRORS Wing mirrors or Electronic
WATER TANK 500 - 750 Gallons
PUMP CAPACITY 750 - 1500 GPM Normal or Normal / High Pressure Pumps
PUMP DRIVE Electric or by Auxiliary Power Backup System
HOSEBED CAPACITY Up to 1000' 5" hose and up to 1000' of 2.5" hose
CROSSLAY CAPACITY • (2) Crosslays with 200' of 1.75" hose in body
• Optional Front Bumper preconnect
GROUND LADDERS Standard NFPA Pumper Compliment with Slide-In Body Storage Compartment

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