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For agricultural harvest machines and equipment, Volvo Penta supplies a wide range of heavy-duty engines, all adapted to withstand the particular demands of the agricultural industry. No matter if your operation relies on a harvester engine or any other application, the long service intervals paired with robust durable construction will safeguard reliable uptime for the long, intense work periods during harvest season.

Essential uptime

For many agricultural applications, the main requirement is continuous uptime. Many machines are idle or sparingly used up until harvest time. Then, the equipment is on duty 24/7 for periods of up to three months and uptime is what guarantees productivity. Volvo Penta diesel engines are engineered to withstand the heavy-duty demands and will further simplify operations thanks to easy installation, improved serviceability and simple on-site maintenance.

Extended service intervals

To maximize uptime most Volvo Penta diesel engines for agricultural applications can operate for 1,000 hours between service intervals. By using the corresponding service protocol, an approved Volvo Penta Oil Analysis and genuine Volvo Penta oil filters with the appropriate oil and fuel quality, productivity is increased, and uptime is maximized.

Shared engine platform

Volvo Penta diesel engines all share a common platform. This makes them future-proof and extremely adaptable to all needs, no matter if they are used as an agriculture engine or in any other application. An operation needing several engines benefits from the engine commonality both through the operators’ familiarity with the different engines as well as from shared service and one single contact point for accessories or parts.

Mighty Jobs: harvesting in india

Volvo Penta’s diesel engines are in operation – in agricultural applications – all over the world. Here, you can experience how a D5, 4-cylinder, 175hp engine helps power sugar cane harvesting in India. For more examples on the many places where Volvo Penta engines help drive different off-road applications, explore our Mighty Jobs episodes.

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Agriculture engine making the difference in Sittelsdorf, Germany

Michael Gruber, head of technology at ROPA, gives insights on how the Volvo Penta Stage V D16 engine – with its high torque and low rpm – has benefited the beet harvesting industry.

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Improved efficiency with harvester engine in pune, india

In India, harvester operator Kishor Nagese, gives his view on the Volvo Penta D5 engine powering his Tejas Harvester.

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Agriculture engines taking on the climate in new south wales, australia

In the hard climate of Spring Plains, Ben and Murray Watson of Allabah Pastoral depend on the reliability of Volvo Penta engines to harvest precious water needed for farming.

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Stage v diesel engines for the agricultural industry

Volvo Penta’s Stage V diesel engines are a perfect fit for heavy-duty agricultural applications. They are developed to provide ample power, while contributing to the overall efficiency and profitability thanks to the long service intervals and a fuel consumption decrease of up to 5 %.

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