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Construction engines for tough environments

From quarries to highways, Volvo Penta’s industrial power solutions are the driving force for construction equipment across the globe. Their durable construction – properties that help withstand wear and tear – and heavy-duty capability are imperative to maximize uptime, while the fuel efficiency will help lower the total cost of ownership.

Robust and powerful

Volvo Penta’s diesel engines are tailored to provide demanding construction operations with outstanding uptime, much thanks to their robust construction and their continuous power output. All construction engines are based on the same engine platform, which simplifies anything from installation to service and the acquisition of spare parts. The service intervals of up to 1,000 hours will help optimize the efficiency and safeguard productivity.

Heavy-duty package

Construction work is dirty work, with plenty of dust and debris that can clog up engine machinery. Vibrations when working with rocks and gravel can also put unwanted strain on coolers or harnesses, impeding the efficiency of the engine. The optional Volvo Penta heavy-duty package is specifically tailored to handle the extra strain and help maintain the vital machinery running, maximizing your operation ‘s uptime.

Increased performance and productivity

Volvo Penta is more than just an engine supplier, we work with you to provide comprehensive solutions for increased uptime and, ultimately, greater profitability. When choosing a Volvo Penta engine for your construction application, you’ll experience a wide range of value-adding, beneficial factors such as the engine installation commonality and vital aftermarket support – with engineering support on site when needed, even in remote locations.

Mighty Jobs: Construction engines and the Irish crush

Gary Mooney, excavator operator, shows off the crushing operation at GNG, Ireland, where the impressive basalt crusher is powered by a Volvo Penta D13 510hp engine. Explore our Mighty Jobs episodes to see more examples of how Volvo Penta off-road diesel engines help power the world. 

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Volvo Penta Mighty Jobs

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Saving on fuel and maintenance with the right construction engine

After switching to a D13 Stage V engine, Dalby Maskin in Sweden has saved 15 liters of fuel per hour and gone from 250-hour service intervals to 1,000-hour service intervals.

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Construction engines designed for tough applications

Industry leading Soilmec has been creating durable and solid drilling foundation equipment for the construction industry since 1969. See why they chose a Volvo Penta Stage V 13 liter engine.

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Construction engine powering heavy-duty drilling in china

For the truly complex tunnel construction in Dalian, China, the XCMG drilling rig had to deliver on dependable power while minimizing exhausts. The solution? The rig was powered with a Volvo Penta TAD1353VE engine.

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A selection of our Construction engines

Volvo Penta D5 Off-road Engine
D5 - EU Stage V
  • 143–238 
  • 105–175 
  • 5.13 
Volvo Penta D8 Off-road Engine
D8 - EU Stage V
  • 218–340 
  • 160–250 
  • 7.7 
Volvo Penta D11 Off-road Engine
D11 - EU Stage V
  • 320–428 
  • 235–315 
  • 10.84 
Volvo Penta D13 Off-road Engine
D13 - EU Stage V
  • 388–551 
  • 285–405 
  • 12.78 
D16 - EU Stage V
  • 796 
  • 585 
  • 16.12 

Stage V diesel engines for the construction industry

For construction applications, the environment is the main challenge. Heavy-duty work performed in dusty and dirty environments need to be matched with engines designed to withstand. Volvo Penta’s Stage V engines will deliver all that’s needed – and then some.

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