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A force to be reckoned with

From warehouses to ports, the forklift engines and engines of terminal tractors, loaders and reach stackers are of vital importance. In order to maximize uptime and overall efficiency, engines must perform reliably day in, day out. Choosing the durable, powerful, tried and tested Volvo Penta engines for your material handling operation supplies, just that – and with world class fuel efficiency and global service and support to match.

A perfect fit for heavy-duty work

Our industrial engines are a perfect fit for the heavy-duty tasks associated with terminal tractors, forklifts or cranes used for material handling operations. The robust and reliable engines will supply hard-to-match power and performance that will keep your operation in motion day in, day out, while the easy maintenance will safeguard necessary uptime.

Keeping the operation in motion

The continuous loading and unloading puts heavy demands on the engines powering the equipment and machines. When every minute counts, it’s important to minimize disruptions and standstills. Our industrial engines feature extended service intervals of up to 1,000 hours, immensely beneficial to keep your operation’s productivity at peak performance.

Common platform – simpler maintenance

All our industrial engines are part of the same engine platform. The shared lay-out and the overall engine commonality provides a number of benefits – for installation and operation alike. For example, the operators’ familiarity with service protocols and service points will cut down on service and maintenance time, while installations are made easier thanks to the similarities in engine sizes and design.

Mighty Jobs: Material Handling Operations

‘Super Gloria’ is one of the world’s largest reach stackers, powered by a D11 Volvo Penta engine. See Gloria at work for Kalmar Global in northern Spain. For more examples on the many places Volvo Penta engines help drive different off-road applications. Explore our Mighty Jobs episodes.


Material handling operations – raising the bar

Johan Mårtensson, prototype tester at Kalmar, Sweden goes about setting a new world record in heavy lifting, with a little help of a Volvo Penta D11 Stage IV engine.

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A Selection of our Material Handling Engines

D5 - EU Stage IV/EPA Tier 4f
  • 143–218 
  • 105–160 
  • 5.1 
D8 - EU Stage IV/EPA Tier 4f
  • 218–320 
  • 160–235 
  • 7.7 
D11 - EU Stage IV/EPA Tier 4f
  • 320–388 
  • 235–285 
  • 10.8 
D13 - EU Stage IV/EPA Tier 4f
  • 388–551 
  • 285–405 
  • 12.8 
D16 - EU Stage IV/EPA Tier 4f
  • 551–700 
  • 405–515 
  • 16.1 

Stage V diesel engines for material handling

Our Stage V engines are the perfect choice when it comes to powering the heavy equipment and machines used in heavy-duty material handling. Power, performance – and fuel consumption decreases of up to 5 % are all part of the package.

Read more about Volvo Penta’s Stage V engines

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