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Impressive on-road performance

Volvo Penta supplies robust, reliable and well-proven engines fit for almost any heavy-duty needs. No matter if you need the power of an airport fire truck engine or the efficiency of a snow removal machine, Volvo Penta engines will provide your operation with a maximum of dependable uptime, fuel-efficiency and world class service and support.

Securing your uptime

For on-road applications, continuous uptime is crucial for the operation’s overall productivity and efficiency. But for some applications, a reliable operation can be the difference between life and death. In Volvo Penta engines, the high engine power density will supply ample performance – and you can always trust them to keep running, even while performing heavy-duty tasks in high-pressure environments.

Extended service intervals

In order to safeguard the vital continuous uptime of your vehicles, our industrial engines are constructed to be able to operate for up to 1,000 hours between service intervals. Using the corresponding service protocol and performing approved Volvo Penta Oil Analysis will further increase the engines’ reliable operation, ensuring maximized performance and uptime.

Engine commonality and versatility

No matter the engine model or size, all our industrial engines are part of the same engine family, built using the same engine platform. This engine commonality translates into a number of benefits such as easier maintenance, operator and maintenance crew familiarity with engine interfaces and range architecture as well as one single source for spare parts. All put together, it provides a simpler and more efficient experience.

Mighty Jobs: Fire truck engines – fight fire with power

At Atlanta International Airport, one of the world’s most advanced firefighting trucks – the Rosenbauer Panther – gets its power from a Volvo Penta D16 700 hp engine. See it in action here. The Mighty Jobs series showcases Volvo Penta engines powering vital machinery and vehicles all over the world. Experience other applications by watching the entire series, Mighty Jobs.

Volvo Penta Mighty Jobs
Volvo Penta Mighty Jobs
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Vital reliability

Richard Pepples Jr, firefighter at the Atlanta International Airport explains the importance of a truly reliable engine.

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A selection of our fire truck and special vehicle engines

Volvo Penta D5 Off-road Engine
D5 - EU Stage V
  • 143–238 
  • 105–175 
  • 5.13 
Volvo Penta D8 Off-road Engine
D8 - EU Stage V
  • 218–340 
  • 160–250 
  • 7.7 
Volvo Penta D11 Off-road Engine
D11 - EU Stage V
  • 320–428 
  • 235–315 
  • 10.84 
Volvo Penta D13 Off-road Engine
D13 - EU Stage V
  • 388–551 
  • 285–405 
  • 12.78 
D16 - EU Stage V
  • 796 
  • 585 
  • 16.12 

Stage V Diesel Engines for Special Vehicles

Special vehicles equal an immense number of different requirements and installation challenges. Volvo Penta’s Stage V engines are flexible enough to work perfectly with just about any application, delivering a low fuel consumption and increased profitability.

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