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The Heart that Never Stops

You always need to be able to depend on your power source. Whether it’s for a constant supply to a never-ceasing operation, or for backup generators supplying energy to vital functions, there’s no room for errors or downtime. As an independent supplier, Volvo Penta provides industrial power generation engines that are constructed with reliable efficiency and unmatched load acceptance at their core. Flexible, easily installed and fuel efficient – backed by an extensive aftermarket support – they will supply power, ease of operation and peace of mind.

Prime Power Engines

Reliable power – like a heart that never stops beating, continuously pumping life into your operation, wherever it may be. The Volvo Penta engines for prime power supply you with reliable, fuel-efficient power, whatever the requirements or challenges at hand. Backed by our global, instant support, you can rest assured that your business will always be running at full capacity and that your total cost of ownership is optimized.

Prime Power Diesel Generator Engines
Standby Power Engines

Power where and when you need it. Reliable and durable, the Volvo Penta engines for standby power operations will ensure peace of mind, day after day. The kind of emergency backup you need in critical situations. Furthermore, you will benefit from global support with local expertise through our extensive global dealer network.

Standby Diesel Generator Engines
Simple Tier 4 Final Solution

Volvo Penta’s Stage IV/Tier 4 Final engines use SCR to meet the increased legislative demands of industrial engines. Not only are the emission regulations met, but this technology pairs with a light EGR system to offer a wide range of benefits. Apart from lowered nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, this solution means less maintenance and upkeep for customers, as well as better productivity and uptime and lower costs. Diesel fuel efficiency is also improved.

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Unmatched Load Acceptance

With Volvo Penta power generation engines, you have access to the full power output the second you start up the machine. For emergency/stand-by operations, usually intended as a backup in hospitals, nuclear plants or airports the rigorously tried and tested Volvo Penta engines are characterized by their ability to immediately start and instantly deliver the sufficient load acceptance. It fulfills G3 demands on all power nodes according to ISO8528-5.

Independent Supplier

Volvo Penta doesn’t supply comprehensive gensets. Instead, we are independent suppliers of high-performance engines, focused on our customers’ applications, offering a partnership that includes collaboration all the way from the design stage to installation and aftermarket service. Our broad engine range is flexible and can be adapted to most power generation setups – no matter the conditions or the environment.

Independent Supplier

Leveraging the Power of the Volvo Group

Volvo Penta’s industrial off-road engines are the result of over 100 years of experience. They are characterized by their high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, and low emissions levels. The Volvo Group engine technology is thoroughly tested in trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine propulsion and a wide span of machine and equipment installations in a variety of industries. Reliable operation is proven in all climates – freezing and scorching, dry and wet – and in extreme working environments.

Volvo Penta – Power Generation under any Condition
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Power Generation Engine Benefits

A Powerful Partnership

Our comprehensive solutions are always built around your business and its needs. As an independent supplier, we strive to build partnerships that benefit every part of your operation, supporting you all the way, throughout the lifetime of the machines or engines.

Powerful Partnerships
Performance and Uptime

For power generation set-ups, continuous uptime can mean the difference between life and death. Our engines are designed with reliability and dependability at their core, safeguarding the needs of your operation.

Performance and Uptime
Emission Technology

Volvo Penta’s work with sustainability is a continuous endeavor that, among many things, mean that we offer engines that comply with every regional demand, from Stage/Tier II to Stage V.

Emission Technology
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