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Offering a comprehensive portfolio of products to serve all major markets within the power generation industry allows for us to be your single source supplier. When given the opportunity to serve you, we will prove Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. is unparalleled in customer service, flexibility, and attention to detail.

Product Designation Standby Rating Prime Rating Engine Used Portable/Stationary Private Label
VD100-01 100 kWe

Stationary No
VD150-01 150 kWe

Stationary No
VD200-01 200 kWe

Stationary No
VD250-01 250 kWe
TAD1350GE Stationary No
VD300-01 300 kWe

Stationary No
VD350-01 350 kWe
TAD1352GE Stationary No
VD400-01 400 kWe
TAD1353GE Stationary No
VD450-01 450 kWe
TAD1650GE Stationary No
VD500-01 500 kWe
TAD1641GE Stationary No
VD550-01 550 kWe
TAD1642GE Stationary No
VD600-01 600 kWe
TWD1643GE Stationary No
VD100-02FT4 100 kWe 100 kWe TAD571VE Portable / Stationary No
VD125-02FT4 125 kWe 125 kWe TAD572VE Portable / Stationary No
VD150-02FT4 150 kWe 150 kWe TAD871VE Portable / Stationary No
VD200-02FT4 200 kWe 200 kWe TAD1170VE Portable / Stationary No
VD250-02FT4 250 kWe 250 kWe TAD1371VE Portable / Stationary No
VD300-02FT4 300 kWe 300 kWe TAD1373VE Portable / Stationary No
VD350-02FT4 350 kWe 350 kWe TAD1670VE Portable / Stationary No
VD400-02FT4 400 kWe 400 kWe TAD1672VE Portable / Stationary No
VD550-02FT4 550 kWe 550 kWe TWD1672GE Portable / Stationary No
VD600-02FT4 600 kWe 600 kWe TWD1673GE Portable / Stationary No

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