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Running a prime power genset operation places high demands on your engine’s reliability. When downtime isn’t an option, your operation needs to be able to rely on its core power source. Volvo Penta offers robust engines you can trust to keep running, under demanding conditions, with unmatched load acceptance that fulfills the highest requirement standards, low fuel consumption and simple installations and service as their hallmarks.

Low Fuel Consumption

One of the most important factors when running prime power applications, is fuel economy. Volvo Penta prime power engines provide a highly efficient combustion strategy with common rail fuel injection that translates into minimized consumption. To this – for all Tier IV final and Stage V engines – we add an efficient aftertreatment system that further decreases the need for fuel. All in all, the engines offer demanding customers a world-class solution to fuel consumption challenges.

Keeping Track of Your Total Cost of Ownership

The low fuel consumption plays a big part in the overall low total cost of ownership, but factors such as extended service intervals, oil change intervals of 1,000 hours, low heat rejection, the excellent serviceability and the commonality of spare parts contribute to keeping redundant costs down. By being able to run the engines longer between intervals you minimize downtime and keep your operation at peak capacity.

High Power Density

When your engine makes up some 70% of your genset application, the power density of your chosen engine can be the difference between an efficient operation and a substandard one. Volvo Penta’s engines equal high-power density in a compact low complexity set-up characterized by low weight. This equals benefits such as reduced storage space, easier transports and simplified serviceability.

Easy, Flexible Installation

Volvo Penta offers prime power engines that comply with everything from Stage II to Stage V. No matter the emission stage, they are all characterized by their engine commonality, all built on the same engine platform, with the same engine footprint. This means that, apart from simple spare part commonality, you also benefit from global installation commonality. As the engine is delivered in one piece, the transport is vastly facilitated, and no multiple installation steps are necessary.

Simple Tier 4 Final Solution

Volvo Penta’s Stage IV/Tier 4 Final engines use SCR to meet the increased legislative demands of industrial engines. Not only are the emission regulations met, but this technology pairs with a light EGR system to offer a wide range of benefits. Apart from lowered nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, this solution means less maintenance and upkeep for customers, as well as better productivity and uptime and lower costs. Diesel fuel efficiency is also improved.

Learn More about our Tier 4 Final Solution

Volvo Penta Mighty Jobs

Industrial power generation – with the power to rock you

In 2019, the Volvo Penta D16 engine powered gensets that lit the stages at the Sweden Rock Festival. Nine gensets have a maximum output that can power over 420 houses! And with 35,000 rock fans in attendance, there is no room for blackouts.

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“Having volvo generators saves us around 15 gallons an hour”

Thompson Recycle in Michigan, USA, have chosen Volvo Penta D16 to run their operation. Joshua Ott, operations manager shows how this has helped Thompson with significant fuel reductions.

A Selection of Our Power Generation Engines

D5 - EU Stage IIIA/Epa Tier 3
  • 86–101 
  • 84–90 
  • 4.7 
D7 - EU Stage IIIA/Epa Tier 3
  • 131–250 
  • 146–252 
  • 7.2 
D8 - EU Stage V
  • 150–250 
  • 175–254 
  • 7.7 
D13 - EU Stage V
  • 302–401 
  • 318–412 
  • 12.8 
Volvo Penta TWD1683GE
D16 - EU Stage V
  • 660 
  • 700 
  • 16.1 

Power Generation Engine Benefits

A Powerful Partnership

Our comprehensive solutions are always built around your business and its needs. As an independent supplier, we strive to build partnerships that benefit every part of your operation, supporting you all the way, throughout the lifetime of the machines or engines.

Powerful Partnerships
Performance and Uptime

For power generation set-ups, continuous uptime can mean the difference between life and death. Our engines are designed with reliability and dependability at their core, safeguarding the needs of your operation.

Performance and Uptime
Emission Technology

Volvo Penta’s work with sustainability is a continuous endeavor that, among many things, mean that we offer engines that comply with every regional demand, from Stage/Tier II to Stage V.

Emission Technology
Global Service and Support

Volvo Penta offers customer the support of more than 900 dealers in more than 130 markets as well as close cooperation with other Volvo Group companies. This translates into a truly global dealer network, characterized by local expertise. Paired with the world-class parts distribution network and the Volvo Penta Action Service 24/7 support in 28 different languages, this means that we always stand prepared to assist you, whatever your needs.

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