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Customized for Marine Professionals

A complete marine engine offer

Volvo Penta provides power solutions for professional customers all over the world. Regardless of application, we offer you support throughout the product lifecycle – from the design stage through full-time operation. All from one global company with a strong local presence. We offer you solutions that are sustainable from in terms of business as well as environmental perspective. This enables us to support your operations with uptime and superior cost of ownership. Based on a comprehensive engine program ranging from 80 to 660 kW outputs, Volvo Penta offers drive systems and engines for propulsion, auxiliary equipment and complete marine generator sets.

Global Logistics and Support, Local Knowledge

Volvo Penta can assist you throughout the entire lifecycle of your engine with our extensive aftermarket offer. The offer includes our global network of over 700 authorized Volvo Penta Marine Commercial dealers – supplying local service and support in approximately 130 countries – and our global distribution network for Genuine Volvo Penta Parts.

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Prepared for the Future

In product development and renewal, our focus is on achieving even greater reliability, performance and fuel efficiency. We are part of The Volvo Group, and by combining the Group’s shared technology and innovations with our deep understanding and experience from the marine sector we can constantly invest in new, fit-for-purpose solutions. This benefits our customers in terms of connectivity, drivability and – last but not least – sustainability, lessening our footprint when it comes to emissions, noise pollution and our working environment.

Reliable, Proven Technology

Volvo Penta engines are a result of our 100 years of experience in the marine industry. The Volvo Group's diesel engine technology is thoroughly tested in trucks, buses, construction equipment and a wide span of machine and equipment facilities in a variety of industries. Our marine engines are a result of the proven Volvo Penta expertise and have undergone rigorous field tests as well as tests at Volvo Penta centers. Reliable operation is proven on land and at sea, in all climates – freezing and scorching, dry and wet – and in extreme working environments.

High-Performance Propulsion

The key to functionality, uptime and performance lies in the boat’s engines and drivelines. The Volvo Penta range – consisting of Volvo Penta IPS, The Aquamatic Sterndrive and Inboard Diesel – delivers performance without compromising reliability, combining high power with low weight, low fuel consumption and low emission levels.

Heavy-Duty Propulsion

The Volvo Penta heavy-duty range has been developed for extreme reliability and is designed to keep running, year in and year out. The basic design features robust engine blocks manufactured from high-strength castings, large bearing surfaces and powerful crankshafts. Moreover, every component is engineered to withstand the toughest conditions.

Marine Genset/Auxiliary

Volvo Penta’s full range of marine genset and diesel engines offer reliable and fuel efficient onboard electrical power generation and power for cranes, pumps, air compressors and other heavy equipment. Easy to install, easy to service. High performance combined with low fuel consumption and low emission levels make for low lifecycle cost.

More Power, Less Fuel

The unique, fuel-saving Volvo Penta IPS system delivers exceptional performance and maneuverability. The key to these exceptional qualities lies in the forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers with individually steerable boat pods under the hull.

Intuitive Control

Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) is Volvo Penta’s own electronic platform. With the intuitive EVC you can benefit from high-precision maneuvering and docking, intelligent positioning and other smart features. The platform is a turn-key solution – just plug and play.

Quality, Safety and Environmental Care

Quality, safety and environmental care are at core of Volvo Penta values. These values are integral elements for our organization, products and the way we work. The core values drive the development of new product offerings, but also the way in which we serve our customers and the community. In everything we do, down to the smallest detail, we always strive to be part of a socially, economically and environmentally responsible future.

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