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Challenge Everything with the performance of Volvo Penta Marine diesel engines

Challenge Everything

We’ve spent more than a century innovating and investing in solutions that push the limits on what was once thought possible in professional marine propulsion. From performance to reliability to fuel savings – we’ve defied convention to bring you the most dependable solutions for the most demanding of environments.

We don’t just do things for the sake of doing them, and we know you don’t either. Together, let’s rethink the possibilities and take your operations – and bottom line – to the next level.



For marine commercial operations, uptime equals productivity. Our engine range is designed with your demands in mind. The solutions are built to safeguard your operation’s efficiency, never compromising on power and performance. 

Impressive Fuel Efficiency

Our diesel engines have been designed to be powerful and efficient. This means that you can keep your fuel expenses and total cost of ownership down, while resting assured that you've made a truly effective choice when it comes to environmental care.

Expert Support

Volvo Penta engines are backed by an extensive dealer and power center network, along with industry leading parts availability. This service network will make sure your engines are maintained and working as hard as you do. 

Volvo Penta Power Centers

Proven Success Stories

Fury Glass-Bottom Boat

The Fury Catamaran Glass-Bottom Boat, operated by Fury Water Adventures, relies on Volvo Penta D11-510 power to take vacationers to North America’s only living coral reef.

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Newt Marine

Recognizing that only a rugged and reliable, environmentally friendly engine would do, Newt Marine Service of Dubuque, Iowa, selects Volvo Penta engines for its fleet repower.

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Virginia Pilot Association

Volvo Penta is rapidly becoming the supplier-of-choice for propulsion systems on new pilot launches.

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StarShip Cruises

The StarShip II, a 130-foot, 150-passenger dining yacht, operated by Yacht StarShip Cruises & Events in Tampa, Florida, relies on D13 power to provide experiences to remember.

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Game Changer

When Captain John and Chandra Gavin decided to build Game Changer, a custom 45-foot, down-east-style Hustler fishing boat in 2014, they chose a Volvo Penta D11 625-horsepower marine commercial engine to provide its power.

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Tropic Star Lodge

Only accessible by boat or small plane, the Tropic Star Lodge is a world-renowned fishing resort. It is located in Piñas Bay, Panama, and has a fleet of 14 Bertram fishing boats ready to provide billfish anglers a unique fishing experience.

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Powerful diesel engine from Volvo Penta

Powerful Marine Engines

With our broad range of drive systems and engines for propulsion, auxiliary equipment and complete marine generator sets, we can provide a competitive advantage with low total cost of ownership. All of our solutions are backed by global service and support.

Environmentally Friendly

Our fuel-efficient engines also meet the most stringent of emission regulations.

Electronic Controls

Fully electronic controls provide instant input to the engines and steering system. This also allows quicker diagnostic time if an issue arises.

Unique Marine Torque

The unique marine torque of the Volvo Penta diesel inboards stands out among the competition by offering increased load-carrying capability, rapid acceleration and the ability to maintain a high cruising speed, regardless of load or sea state.

Quickline for Breakdowns

Quickline is Volvo Penta’s production line for customers operating commercial vessels. In case of an engine breakdown, Volvo Penta can produce custom-built, classified and non-classified 90 to 560 kW D5MG, D7MG, D9MH, D13MH or D16MH/D16MG propulsion engines. With this exclusive service, your downtime is reduced to a minimum.

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Repower to improve performance

A smart way to improve your vessel’s overall performance is to simply replace its engine. Volvo Penta has developed repowering kits to ensure safe, easy and cost-effective replacement. Every kit is made to match and has been thoroughly tested. Your Authorized Volvo Penta dealer will be able to assist you throughout the entire repowering process.

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Based on the well-proven SCR aftertreatment technology that provides low fuel consumption and high efficiency, Volvo Penta offers a wide range of engines that comply with the IMO Tier II legislation demands. Leveraging our proven IMO Tier III technology, during 2021, Volvo Penta will be able to offer both D8 and D13 engine ranges – below 300 kW – that comply with EU Stage V Marine requirements.

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Volvo Penta Action Service is available around the clock to help you
Volvo Penta Action Service
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Find and Buy Parts

Your dealer can always help you find the correct parts or accessories. You can also shop online via our online shop or browse the online parts catalog.

Oil Analysis

Volvo Penta oil analysis delivers a comprehensive diagnosis of the engine's condition. The test results will indicate the presence of any potentially harmful substances, allowing you to plan maintenance or other measures, before major failure occurs.


For most engine configurations in marine commercial use, the limited warranty covers 12 months or a set number of operating hours, all depending on the type of product and application use.

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