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The Volvo Penta Forward Drive blends the best of traditional sterndrives with the adrenaline rush of a purpose-built wakesport boat. The revolutionary propulsion system is uniquely engineered with forward-facing counter rotating props that pull the boat through the water rather than pushing it, creating a more enjoyable experience – whether you’re surfing or sunset cruising.

Volvo Penta Forward Drive boats create a great wake for surfing and tricks
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The Benefits

The Volvo Penta Forward Drive leverages proven, forward-facing propulsion technology to generate amazing results. Defined by its versatility and all-in-one capabilities, the propulsion system delivers unsurpassed fuel efficiency, enhanced onboard comfort and superior maneuverability – regardless of how you choose to enjoy your time on the water.


Variable trim angles provide just the right thrust for cruising around and reaching top speeds that are higher compared to conventional inboards. You’ll also speed to plane quicker. Turns are tighter and faster too with directional thrust.


From wakesurfing, to cruising to simply beaching the boat, the Volvo Penta Forward Drive is an all-in-one package that lets you make the best of your boating experience. Not only does the innovative system give you the versatility to enjoy just about every use of a boat, it makes the experience that much better through a combination of unique features and benefits.


Many factors collide to create the ultimate onboard experience. Let’s start with placement of the drive. The Forward Drive has been strategically positioned under the boat and set back from the stern, equating to less noise and exhaust levels. And with the DuoProp, you’ll get a smoother ride.

Silent shifting

The now standard Silent Shift feature enables soundless and seamless shifting in and out of gear, adding to overall comfort.

Duoprop propellers

DuoProp propellers are a vital part of the driveline, providing highly efficient and predictable handling, along with added comfort. Easy Drain is a simple way to drain all raw water from the engine system.

Easy drain

Extend your boating season with Volvo Penta’s Easy Drain, standard as part of the Forward Drive package. This award-winning system allows you to drain raw water from the engine in minutes, with just a push of a button, all while the boat is still in the water.


Speaking of the DuoProp, this Volvo Penta innovation produces better bite, acceleration and speed in a more efficient, smooth way, increasing fuel economy.


Drivers can customize their water sports experience with an adjustable angle of thrust. Variable, downward thrust draws the stern lower into the water. Used in combination with an enlarged trim plate, it fine-tunes your wake surfing wave and wakeboarding wakes on the fly. When on the move, the trim allows effortless, comfortable cruising.

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