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Volvo Penta Forward Drive

The Volvo Penta Forward Drive blends the best of traditional sterndrives with the adrenaline rush of a purpose-built wakesport boat. Our forward-facing sterndrive provides more efficiency and maneuverability than inboards while delivering the perfect wake for surfing. From wakesurfing and wakeboarding to cruising and swimming, the Forward Drive provides 360 Degrees of Fun. 



Forward Drive features the benefit of Silent Shift for seamless gear transition. This innovative new feature enables smooth and silent shifting, in and out of gear. Say goodbye to the noisy clunk of shifting and never exhaust fumes onboard. Say hello to more enjoyment.


DuoProp performance delivers unparalleled advantages through twin counter-rotating propellers. Experience superior thrust, fast acceleration, superior maneuverability, powerful grip, a symmetrical wake, less cavitation and greater control at lower speeds.


Volvo Penta introduced speed control in 2008 and continues to deliver as a standard in all Volvo Penta gasoline products. This speed control allows the engine makes micro throttle adjustments so the operator can concentrate on having fun.



The Volvo Penta Forward Drive leverages proven, forward-facing propulsion technology to generate amazing results. Defined by its versatility and all-in-one capabilities, the propulsion system delivers unsurpassed fuel efficiency, enhanced onboard comfort and superior maneuverability.


Variable trim angles provide just the right thrust for cruising around and reaching top speeds that are higher compared to conventional inboards. Directional thrust performance includes speeding to plane quicker and making faster and tighter turns. Get ready for better fuel consumption, higher speeds, tighter curves.


We don’t believe boat owners should have to compromise. Whether you’re wakesurfing, cruising or simply beaching the boat, the Volvo Penta Forward Drive is an all-in-one package that lets you make the best of your boating experience through a combination of unique features and benefits.


Many factors collide to create the ultimate onboard experience. Let’s start with placement of the drive. The Forward Drive has been strategically positioned under the boat and set back from the stern, equating to less noise and exhaust levels. And with the DuoProp, you’ll get a smoother ride.


The Volvo Penta DuoProp delivers better maneuverability, greater low-speed handling and fast acceleration. The innovative technology also enables optimal fuel economy so you can go further, longer. The emission levels of these engines come in significantly lower than EPA standards for sterndrives.


Divers can customize their water sports experience with an adjustable angle of thrust. Variable, downward thrust draws the stern lower into the water. When used in combination with an enlarged trim plate allows fine-tuning of your wake surfing wave and wakeboarding wakes on the fly.

Forward Drive Performance
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The Ultimate Experience


Volvo Penta provides the latest technology with the end-user in mind. Our products are designed to be easy to use, easy to maintain, maintaining the quality you expect from Volvo Penta.


Create the perfect wake and save up to three surfer profiles with the Water Sport Control. All surf controls and engine data are available to the captain with customizable layouts in this touch screen display. 

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The combination of our engines, DuoProp propellers and drive design make for more time on the water. Less time spent at the fuel pump means more time enjoying your boat and saving on fuel costs over the course of your summer. 


Volvo Penta Forward Drive is offered in both V6 & V8 FWD models. Each offers a totally integrated package, powered by the freshwater‐cooled, direct‐injected gasoline engine with catalyst. Working together with the perfectly matched FWD DuoProp drive, this package offers excellent versatility, low noise levels, very low emission levels, and impressive acceleration power. 

Forward Drive Engine Range

From helm-to-prop, your Volvo Penta package is backed by the company’s extensive dealer network. No matter where you are, it’ll never be far from local expertise, high-quality parts, service and support.

With Volvo Penta Action Service, you’ll have 24-hour support, 365 days a year so you never have to worry. In addition, the solutions come equipped with five years of factory protection, with optional extended coverage, giving you added peace of mind. 

Forward Drive Experience

Without a doubt, surfing is cool. The feeling of riding a wave, propelled solely by its power, is not only exhilarating but just downright fun. Until recently, however, it’s a feeling that most people could only imagine... 

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Complete Control

A lot of variables go into optimizing your boat for the ideal wakesurf session. And Volvo Penta’s Water Sports Control makes it convenient and easy to get the most out of your Forward Drive powered boat. Let’s take a closer look...

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V-Drive vs Forward Drive

The evolutionary Forward Drive opens new vistas for builders to create multi-purpose boats optimized for the popular sport of wakesurfing – but also suitable for cruising, swimming, fishing, skiing and other activities. 

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This Award-winning Innovation package has been proven in more than 50 boat models and thousands of boats on the water today.