Volvo Penta Powered boat cruising and exploring new waterways

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There are many places to explore along the coasts. Beautiful spots for beaching and picnics, or under the water, to experience scuba diving. Wherever you want to go, we want you to focus on the adventure while we make sure that everything works!

Happy Couple cruising in their Volvo Penta powered bow rider

Featuring a lightweight aluminum construction, every engine in the Volvo Penta gasoline sterndrive lineup delivers an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. From quick, responsive torque to powerful, efficient, wide-open speed, this next generation is built to move.

Aquamatic Sterndrive Gasoline

The Aquamatic caters to demanding boaters looking for the perfect combination of reliability and performance. The Aquamatic Gasoline engines deliver robust low-end torque, exhilarating high-end power and exceptional mid-range response. Sporty and sharp, yet responsive and fuel-efficient, it’s the perfect choice for both leisure cruising and speedy watersports.

Gas Sterndrive Guide - BTS

Boat Trim System (BTS)

The Boat Trim System (BTS), with its patented interceptor technology, gives the boat driver perfect control over pitch and heel with rapid response, quicker onto the plane, lower fuel consumption and a more comfortable ride.

Gas Sterndrive Guide

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What is Your Power Need?

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Volvo Penta sterndrives are quieter, more efficient and release the exhaust through the drive for increased onboard comfort. 

No Exhaust Fumes

With an uncluttered transom you will have easy access to the water, and you can do so with less exposure to exhaust fumes. Thanks to the design of all of our drives, the engine exhaust is released through the drive and into the prop wash. CO2 emissions are dramatically reduced at idle. 

Joystick Docking

Volvo Penta pioneered joystick control, and with the duoprop drives, you get greater precision and maneuverability when docking. Joystick available on twin installations. 

Speed control makes for added comfort on Volvo Penta powered boats

Volvo Penta Speed Control automatically adjusts the throttle to maintain constant speed during load changes, like when a wake boarder cuts hard, during turns or in shifting seas. The engine makes micro throttle adjustments so the operator can concentrate on fun. 

Displays & Glass Cockpit System

The Glass Cockpit System collects and displays all driver information in one place via a single interface. The Glass Cockpit displays are available from 7 to 24 inches. 

Tow Mode

You set the maximum engine rpm on the Volvo Penta display. When you give full throttle, the engine accelerates at its peak, but does not go above your pre-set rpm. With changing load, i.e. the skier turns sharply, the system quickly compensates so that the engine maintains the set rpm. 

Gas Sterndrive Guide - Style

Leveraging over 100 years of experience and the latest engine technology, our gasoline sterndrive packages are engineered to provide an easy boating experience. All backed by 5 years of protection for the entire system. 

Closed Cooling

It’s a no-brainer. Aluminum blocks and fresh water cooling are made for marine use. Eliminating exposure to raw water not only provides greater engine durability, it also significantly improves a boat’s resale value.

Volvo Penta powered bow rider boat cruising across lake

Less CO2 Emissions

Not only can you have a conversation at the transom, you can do so without exposure to exhaust fumes. Since almost half of the time boating involves idling, it’s good to know that CO emissions are reduced by 95% at idle. We make the cleanest propulsion engines in the market today.

Volvo Penta gas sterndrives are fuel efficient
Fuel Economy

Efficiency You Can Feel

The larger effective propeller blade area of the Duoprop makes the Aquamatic's driveline more efficient – saving you up to 30% on fuel consumption. Direct fuel injection enables you to get more energy from each and every drop of fuel.

Volvo Penta gasoline sterndrive engines have simplified service points.
Easy to Service

Simplified Service Points

Gone are the days of having to be a contortionist to do maintenance on your engine. Volvo Penta’s simplified service points with common parts and locations make maintaining your engine easier than ever.

Worldwide Dealer Network

With an extensive dealer network in 130 countries, you’re never too far from one of our skilled technicians. Thoroughly trained in Volvo Penta technologies, our dealers offer premium services using genuine Volvo Penta parts. Parts purchased at authorized Volvo Penta dealers are covered by a 24-month warranty, and Volvo Penta covers any labor costs.