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Active Corrosion Protection

Active Corrosion Protection System

Active Corrosion Protection

With Active Corrosion Protection for Sterndrives, Volvo Penta is taking yet another vital step towards easier boat ownership. The system is designed to constantly protect your drive from corrosion in the water.

Constantly Protecting Your Drive

Active Corrosion Protection is an effective and reliable system to protect your drive from corrosion in the water. It replaces conventional corrosion protection with sacrificial anodes which are consumed over time and needs to be replaced before protection runs out. By applying impressed currents through a transom unit, the system continuously measures and automatically adjusts the electrical output for ideal protection in both brackish and salt water. It replaces the need for sacrificial anodes on the drive, giving you the knowledge that your drive is protected.

Fully Integrated for Ease of Use

The system is fully integrated into the standard engine displays, enabling you to monitor the protection status directly from the helm.

A Complete Package

The system comes as a complete package, including an control unit (1), a transom unit (2) and a back-up sacrificial anode, one per drive (3). It is powered by the boat´s auxiliary battery, backed-up with shore power when at the dock. If the battery level drops below 75%, protection is provided by the back-up sacrificial anode.


Active Corrosion Protection is compatible with Volvo Penta sterndrive engines with Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) in single and twin installations. It can also be retrofitted on engines produced from 2007 with EVC generation C2 or later.

  • Drives: DPI, DPH, DPS, SX, OX, FWD and DPR.
  • Displays: 2,5", 4", 7" or Glass Cockpit.
  • Installation: Single and twin.
  • Hull: Fibre-glass hull.
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