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Controlling your boat is easy with Volvo Penta

Easy Boating

Controls and Displays

Customize Your Experience

With Volvo Penta, you’ll always be able to stay in complete control. With options and accessories, specially developed and tested to perfectly match your engine and drive system you’ll be able to enjoy new levels of safety, maneuverability and comfort. When ordering your boat, you can add smart options that will improve your time on the water. And for existing boat owners, you can always expand the experience with Volvo Penta’s wide range of accessories.

Glass Cockpit System

The Glass Cockpit System collects and displays all driver information in one place via a single interface.

Learn more about the Glass Cockpit System

Controls and Joysticks

Ergonomic Design

Volvo Penta controls and joysticks make driving and docking more efficient than ever. With an ergonomic and high‐quality feel they offer increased comfort, better drivability and enhanced safety.

Easy Connect App

Meet Your New Crew Member

Easy Connect is our latest addition to your experience – available for both leisure and commercial applications. Have your engine, boat and route data displayed directly on your smart device, either onboard or when planning future trips. Easy Connect is compatible with a wide range of Volvo Penta engines from 2003 and onwards.

Learn More about Volvo Penta Easy Connect

Trip Computer

Access to Trip Information

With the Trip computer, the driver gets access to information such as trip distance, average speed, fuel consumption and much more. The information easily monitored via the Volvo Penta displays.


By displaying vital engine data, it helps the driver to plan the driving and optimize the boat’s performance for reduced environmental impact and with functions such as distance to empty, it's also a safety feature.


The system is extremely flexible and functions depend on what sensors are chosen. The data available is instant fuel rate, trip time, trip fuel, average fuel rate, and time to empty. With extra sensor or NMEA interface, instant fuel economy, trip distance, average fuel economy, and distance to empty is also available.

Battery Management System

Car-alike simplicity
for boat owners

Experience perfect control and reliability with Volvo Penta's comprehensive Battery Management System including e-Key remote.

Learn More about the Battery Management System

eKey Remote

A Multi-function Key

With the e‐Key Remote a feature of the Volvo Penta Battery Management System, it's possible to control the boat’s entire electrical system at a distance of up to 100 meters, before boarding and when leaving the boat. The functions and possibilities of the e‐Key Remote are similar to a modern car key where one key and one single press of a button is enough to get started.

Steering Wheels

Designed to Match

The exclusive Volvo Penta range of ergonomic steering wheels combines high-quality materials with a design perfectly matched to the Volvo Penta range of controls and displays.

With the tilt mechanism, the boat driver can choose the most comfortable steering-wheel angle.

Volvo Penta Steering Wheels are available in a variety of styles and material. 

Engine Monitoring Displays

High Precision

The Volvo Penta Engine Monitoring Displays provide direct access to essential engine and transmission data. The presentation of the data can easily be adapted to suit each user.

By providing diagnostics and constant monitoring of all vital functions such as engine data, fuel consumption, trim, and rudder angles, the Volvo Penta range of monitoring displays gives the driver full control.

The displays are available in 2.5" black and white or 4" color. 

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