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Volvo Penta Dynamic Positioning System


Dynamic Positioning System

Maintain the Heading and Position

The Dynamic Positioning System is the perfect option when the driver wants to maintain the boat’s heading and position for a moment – when preparing for docking, waiting to refuel or for a bridge or lock to open. When docking, the crew gets time to prepare fenders and lines totally stress free. It also gives the driver time to safely plan a change in the route, or keep the position in large sea depths.

New, Smart Repositioning Feature

In our quest of pioneering innovations for safety and easy boating, we are also proud to introduce a state of the art repositioning feature to the popular DPS system. Repositioning enables you to automatically move and rotate the boat with a simple tap of the joystick, while still in DPS mode. This feature is perfect when making slight adjustments when wind and currents make manual operation difficult.

GPS Data

By using twin GPS receivers in the antenna, the system can determine the boat’s position and heading. Sophisticated and specially developed software in the Electronic Vessel Control system transforms the received data into steering angles, gear shifts and throttle positions to keep the boat still.

Easy to Use

To engage the Dynamic Positioning System, the driver just presses a button on the Joystick control – and the boat’s position and heading is safely kept within a very limited area. By just moving the control levers, or pressing the button once again, the driver disengages the system.

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