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Volvo Penta Sportfish Mode


Sportfish Mode

The Sportfish Mode, developed exclusively for Volvo Penta IPS, enables the driver to rapidly turn the boat around its own axis and follow the fish at high speed in reverse, using only the engine controls, to ensure a successful catch.

Follow the Fish

When fishing for large fish such as tuna or swordfish, the boat driver wants to follow the fish with the boat’s stern always facing the fish, minimizing the risk of line entanglement in the boat. This makes Volvo Penta IPS – with an unobstructed stern and the propellers located under the hull – and the Sportfish Mode perfect for big-game fishing.

Excellent Maneuverability

Volvo Penta IPS has individually steerable drive units that are operated electrically. In the Sportfish Mode, the drive units are directed maximally outwards, giving excellent maneuverability. With the drive units pointing “toe-out”, the driver can easily turn the stern towards the fish for a successful catch.

Single Lever Mode

With the Single Lever Mode, the boat’s twin engines are controlled with one lever which makes maneuvering more secure and comfortable. The Single Lever mode is included in the Sportfish Mode software.

Clear Wake Exhaust System

The Clear Wake Exhaust System provides calm and quiet conditions at idling and low speed, thus enabling the angler to see the bait at all times. This option is turned on and off using the Sportfish mode panel.

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