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The New Twin Forward Drive Package

Unique experiences on the water don’t happen without innovation, design, and dedication. Volvo Penta is at the forefront of creating new experiences for everyone on the water. Introducing the new Twin Forward Drive and perfectly paired 400 HP engine.

A proven source of endless fun that can now be used on bigger boats, allowing for exploration into new lakes and coastal waterways and bringing more co-adventurers along for the journey.

Making Waves. Making Memories.

Superior maneuverability. Powerful performance. Fast acceleration and time to plane. Thrust. Onboard comfort. All the aspects that made the Volvo Penta Forward Drive a propulsion of choice for boaters across the globe still remain. Only now, with double the power and drives, these advantages are available for even bigger boats.

Horizons Expanded

Now boats up to 38 feet can boast the benefits of the Volvo Penta Forward Drive. Bigger boats mean more room to do what you love, alongside everyone you love to do it with. 

The Volvo Penta Twin Forward Drive delivers the best of traditional sterndrives, combined with adrenaline-rushing capabilities of a purpose-built wakesport boat into one versatile package. 

Wakesurfing. Cruising. Saltwater fishing. Beaching up. Oceans. Lakes. You choose your adventure and we’ll take care of the rest.


The Complete Package

Complementing features such as Silent Shift, Dynamic Positioning System, Water Sport Control and the corrosion protection Coastal Series package combine with the Twin Forward Drive to deliver an exhilarating experience on the water, and peace of mind along the way.


A Durable Solution Covering The Entire Propulsion System

The Coastal Series is a complete corrosion protection package for Volvo Penta gasoline V6 and V8 sterndrives fully compatible with the all new Twin Forward Drive. This package is comprised of a system of anti-corrosion coatings and sensors along with our all-aluminum engines with closed freshwater cooling that work together to provide peace of mind when boating in saltwater. Available for new boats only.


7-Year Transferable Coverage

Purchase of the Coastal Series includes 7-year coverage, increasing the number of running hours with full protection of the complete Volvo Penta package, including engine, drive, transom shield and controls. Coverage is transferable, increasing the resale value of your boat.*

*7 years of coverage or 480 hours ― whichever occurs first in your gasoline engine.

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Onboard Comfort

With the available Silent Shift feature, boaters will feel a difference. Comfort levels are elevated with the seamless and soundless shifting the solution provides.


Stay Where You Want

The Twin Forward Drive is compatible with Volvo Penta’s Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), a system that automatically holds your boat position, despite of wind and current. With a single press of a button, preparing for docking or waiting to refuel is now more simple than ever.

The Enhanced Water Sport Control

The Water Sport Control for Forward Drive engines lets you easily personalize your speed and trim, and fine-tune individual settings for the perfect wake. For the ultimate day on the water, create custom waves at the tap of a finger on the intuitive, easy-to-use display. Presets can be programmed for up to 21 surfers. The system has been upgraded with a simplified menu, enhanced interface and expanded diagnostics for an improved customer experience.

Excellence In Engineering

The new 400HP model is the latest in a family of engines based on the highly successful General Motors’ Gen-V block and incorporating a combination of technical features that cannot be matched by any other marine gasoline engines in their horsepower range:

  • All-aluminum block for highest power-to-weight ratio
  • Direct fuel injection providing better low-end torque and fuel efficiency
  • Standard closed-loop fresh-water cooling with no internal parts exposed to raw or saltwater
  • Wideband oxygen sensors to optimize the engine for varying fuel quality and reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 95 percent
  • Variable valve timing to optimize torque across the full acceleration range

Volvo Penta is deeply committed to investing across its full marine product range and bringing to market novel solutions that anyone can enjoy, regardless of experience level or activity of interest.

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