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Assisted Docking

The Assisted Docking system is designed to give the Captain better control when docking a boat by automating his or her intentions, compensating for some dynamic variables, and helping the vessel stay on its intended course. The system is a hybrid between automated docking and manual docking – giving the Captain enhanced control without fully taking over. 

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Advanced Joystick Control

Joystick Driving offers an easy way to maneuver with precision. It allows the driver to steer comfortably at all speeds with only one hand utilizing our autopilot technology. Joystick Docking makes docking easy and safe. The driver just pushes or rotates the joystick in the desired direction and the boat follows.

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Easy Connect

Volvo Penta Easy Connect turns your smart device into the perfect crew member, on board and at home. When on board, you’re provided with real-time engine, boat and route data. You can also easily access stored data from when you last connected to the boat. All you need is the app, and the Interface installed in your boat. Easy Connect is compatible with a wide range of Volvo Penta engines, from the year 2003 and later.

Easy Connect
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