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Marine Generator Sets

Volvo Penta’s complete range of marine generator sets offers reliable and fuel-efficient electrical power generation for emergency gensets, onboard power, as well as diesel electric, and serial hybrid propulsion.

Marine Genset Engine Range
Power that won't Quit

For marine generator sets, Volvo Penta offers high efficiency engines that deliver exceptional reliability for maximum uptime. The benefits of choosing a Volvo Penta engine are many:

  • High reliability
  • High load acceptance
  • Increased uptime
  • Fully classified
  • Easy installation
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Designed, assembled and tested in-house
Complete Marine Gensets

All Volvo Penta marine generator sets – ranging from 62 to 508 kWe – are delivered complete and tested, with reliable diesel engines, well-matched generators and monitoring systems – and are easy to install onboard. They are also ideal for multiple installations in diesel electric and serial hybrid propulsion.
Volvo Penta marine generator sets are type approved by the major classification societies and can be delivered with product certificates. Besides high reliability, a Volvo Penta generator set also provides benefits such as easy service and installation, high serviceability, fuel efficiency and low emission levels.

The Perfect Match in any Application

Volvo Penta marine generator sets are a perfect match for marine operations and are used in a wide variety of applications and businesses all over the world. Volvo Penta’s marine generator sets are available with a range of cooling options:  

  • Radiator cooled (RC) for emergency and harbor usage.
  • Keel cooled (KC) or heat exchanger (HE) cooled for auxiliary powering pumps, hotel loads etc.
Towards Sustainability

Based on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Volvo Penta offers a wide range of marine generator sets that meet the tough IMO Tier III emission regulations. The SCR aftertreatment system ensures high engine power and efficiency while reducing NOx. In addition, the full range of Volvo Penta’s engines are approved for hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), a fossil-free fuel that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and particulate matter by up to 90 percent, compared to fossil fuels. Leveraging our proven IMO Tier III technology, during 2021, Volvo Penta offers both D8 and D13 engine ranges – below 300 kW – that comply with EU Stage V Marine requirements.

Complete and tested – ready for installation

All Volvo Penta Marine Gensets are delivered complete and tested – ready for installation. In the Volvo Penta test facility, the gensets are thoroughly tested under the same conditions they will face on board your vessel. Every single power unit goes through a comprehensive testing program that includes load acceptance and auto-start in addition to test running and class approval.

Fully compatible monitoring systems

The Volvo Penta control and monitoring system is based on the Modbus protocol and equipped with a large number of hardwire contacts. This enables fast and safe integration with most switchboards and power management systems available on the market. The monitoring system and its range of functions – e.g. auto-start, shut-down and alarms – comply with all international standards.

Unique technical features

High load acceptance

With Volvo Penta Marine Gensets, you have access to the full power output the second you start up the engines. Thanks to the high low-end torque, they immediately respond to any given load and deliver the power needed.

Flexible control systems

The MCC electronic platform is the powerful interface for managing, for instance, multiple installations and efficient load sharing. Open CAN Interface, gives you the engine delivered without a control system. Different options with or without shutdown senders and switches are available.

Wide range of cooling systems

The Volvo Penta marine gensets are available with a wide range of cooling options – Heat Exchanger, Keel, Radiator or Central Cooling.

Compact yet easy to service

The basis for the Volvo Penta Gensets is the smooth running and reliable marine diesel engines. Compact in design, they occupy less space in the engine room, and their good accessibility – with easily accessible service points – makes service and maintenance easy. Most engines support the use of computerized diagnostics tools which facilitate fault-tracing.

Multiple installations

Volvo Penta engines and complete marine gensets are used frequently in diesel-electric operations. Compact and easy to install, in multi-engine combinations they can be used step-by-step to optimize engine load in upstream and downstream operations. This will help keep fuel consumption and engine running hours – and the total cost of ownership – at the lowest possible levels.

Investment expertise

Through long-lasting cooperation with operators, designers, manufacturers and classification societies, we know your industry. But we also know that you want to get the best out of cutting-edge technology, drive a profitable operation and meet environmental demands. And should you need a cost of ownership calculation, our dealers will assist you to get the most out of your investment.

Global Service & Support

Global service and support is vital to maximum uptime. With Volvo Penta, a global service network and a worldwide logistics system support you with parts and knowledge wherever you are. To further ensure maximum uptime, we offer our customers 24/7 assistance through The Volvo Action Service helpline.

Common Platform

The platform commonality between Volvo Penta engines – with shared service and maintenance parts – simplifies parts availability and results in shorter lead times. The service competence of the Volvo Penta dealer network further enhances the serviceability of your Volvo Penta engine.


Predictability increases uptime. For operational predictability, Volvo Penta offers Extended Coverage programs and has designed service agreements that cover the service and preventive maintenance you need to secure optimal uptime over the lifecycle of your installation.

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