Display Control Unit 2

Volvo Penta’s optional DCU2 features a 4.3'' color display which provides all vital information – engine control, monitoring and diagnostics. The compact and easy-to-use control panel communicates directly with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and is tailor-made for Volvo Penta engines for optimal functionality and simplified engine control.


All vital information in one place

Monitoring fuel consumption, engine RPM, engine temperature and AdBlue®/DEF level – the DCU2 controls the engine, provides status updates and error code messages with suggested actions. It also allows RPMs control or engine shut-down with the push of a button.

Installation possibilities for a variety of applications

The DCU2 works as a “translator” and makes it possible to connect digital and analogue components for external engine control and monitoring. With a CAN-bus connected tachometer, various gauges can be installed. Also, multiple installations can be applied to the same engine – one as control display, with additional as monitoring displays.
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