Volvo Penta TWD1652GE

Volvo Penta TWD1652GE is an in‐line 6‐cylinder, 16.1‐liter, diesel genset engine with electronic highpressure fuel injection, overhead camshaft, turbo, and water‐cooled exhaust manifold. The TWD1652GE is optimized for 50 Hz/1500 rpm for prime and standby power generation.

Reliable and powerful

The TWD1652GE is designed for efficient power generation and maximum uptime. The robust design makes the engine highly reliable. Its rigid, in‐line cylinder block with durable crankshaft bearings, water‐cooled exhaust manifold, and electronically controlled, wastegate turbo provide a very powerful engine.

Emission controlled with minimal vibrations and noise

The smooth operation of this both robust and well‐balanced diesel engine results in minimal levels of vibrations and noise, as well as controlled emission levels.

Low fuel consumption

The state‐of‐the‐art, high‐tech injection and highly efficient charging system, with low internal losses, contributes to efficient combustion and low fuel consumption.

Service friendly

Engine service and maintenance is facilitated by the easily accessible service points. This is particularly valuable in tight compartments.

Electronic control system

The engine is equipped with the EMS (Engine Management System), an electronically controlled processing system which optimizes engine performance. It also includes advanced facilities for diagnostics and fault tracing.

Maximum durability for long service life

The engine is fitted with replaceable cylinder liners and valve seats/guides to ensure maximum durability and service life.

Technical features

- Excellent load acceptance - Highly efficient, belt‐driven coolant pump - Piston cooling for low piston temperature - Easily accessible service and maintenance points
- Cast‐iron cylinder block - Electronic, high‐pressure unit injectors - Electronically controlled, wastegate turbo - Compact design
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