Volvo Penta TWD1683GE

Volvo Penta TWD1683GE is an in‐line 6‐cylinder, 16.1‐liter, diesel genset engine with electronic high-pressure fuel injection, overhead camshaft, dual stage turbo chargers. The TWD1683GE is designed to power a wide range of stand-by and prime power generator sets.

Compact design

The TWD1683GE features a compact and low weight design that is well-balanced, providing smooth operation with low noise and vibration.

Low fuel consumption

Efficient injection as well as robust engine design in combination with SCR technology (Selective Catalyst Reduction) contributes to low exhaust emission, excellent combustion and low fuel consumption.

SCR only

The exhaust after treatment system consists of only SCR, without EGR, DOC or DPF. Minimal of components are used and no downtime for regeneration or decreased service intervals. No EGR also results in less heat rejection, leading to excellent power density and improved fuel economy.

Technical Features

- Proven and straight-forward design built on Volvo Group technology - Easily accessible service and maintenance points - Low cost of ownership and operation - SCR only exhaust after‐treatment system - A wide range of options is available - High efficient cooling system
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