Marine Genset Engine RangeD16 MG RC

  • 415–517.5 
  • 487.5–560 
  • 16.1 

Volvo Penta D16 MG is a 50 Hz, 1,500 rpm, in-line 6-cylinder, 16.1-liter direct-injected complete marine diesel genset with twin-entry turbo and... Read more

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Volvo Penta D16 MG RC

Volvo Penta D16 MG is a 50 Hz, 1,500 rpm, in-line 6-cylinder, 16.1-liter direct-injected complete marine diesel genset with twin-entry turbo and aftercooler.

- Excellent monitoring with Volvo Penta Marine Commercial Control System
- Twin-entry turbo with pulse charging
- EMS electronic control system for optimized fuel efficiency
- PTO capability
- Approved by major classification societies
- Ladder frame bolted to the engine block
- Good accessibility makes service and maintenance easy
- High-pressure fuel injectors


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Download the brochure or contact us.

Detailed Segment Marine Commercial
Displacement litres 16.1
Displacement cui 984
Number of Cylinders 6
Prime 50hz Electrical Power kVA 415 490 517.5
Prime 50hz Electrical Power kWe 332 392 414
Prime 60hz Electrical Power kVA 487.5 560 487.5
Prime 60hz Electrical Power kWe 390 448 390
Emission Compliance EPA Tier 3, EU IWW, IMO Nox Tier II, CCNR Stage 2
Control System Marine Commercial Control, Open CAN Interface
High-pressure fuel injection Electronic unit injectors
Cooling System Radiator Cooling
Product Family 16 liter series

Key features and benefits for D16 MG RC

The complete solution

The Volvo Penta Genset system is the complete solution for a ship’s onboard power requirements. It comes complete with engine, generator and monitoring system, all tested and ready for installation onboard. Engine and generators are type approved by major classification societies. The genset can be delivered with complete classification certificates.

Reliable and powerful

The engine’s robust design with a ladder frame bolted to the engine block makes it highly reliable. Its rigid in-line cylinder block with generously dimensioned crankshaft bearings, water-cooled exhaust manifold, and turbo provide a powerful engine.

Easy installation – service friendly

Designed to withstand high exhaust back pressure, this genset is easy to install and perfect for installations that require additional, third-part emission control equipment. Its good accessibility also facilitates service and maintenance.

High fuel efficiency and low on emissions

By controlling the unit injectors and fuel distribution, the EMS electronic management system optimizes the fuel-air mixture leading to improved combustion. The result is high thermal efficiency, high fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions.

Superior load-taking capability

Together, the twin-entry turbo with pulse charging, and the highly efficient speed control system give this engine superior load-taking capability.

Marine Commercial Control System

Volvo Penta Marine Commercial Control System is an engine control and monitoring system that is easily integrated into the ship’s control system. All actions are displayed with text messages, in any specified language, and logged in a non-erasable memory.