Volvo Penta D7C TA

Volvo Penta D7C TA is a variable speed, in-line 6-cylinder, 7.1-liter direct-injected marine diesel auxiliary engine with a water-cooled exhaust manifold, turbo, and aftercooler.

The perfect match

Volvo Penta’s full range of marine diesel engines offer reliable and fuel-efficient onboard electrical power generation and power for cranes, pumps, air compressors and other heavy equipment.

Reliable and powerful

No matter what application, this auxiliary engine’s robust design with a ladder frame bolted to the engine block makes it highly reliable. Its well-matched components combined with an injection system and a turbo provides a powerful engine with fast response to load variations.

Robust and silent

A rigid in-line cylinder block with generously dimensioned crankshaft bearings, together with water-cooled exhaust manifold and turbo provide a robust engine that makes for silent running and improved onboard comfort.

High onboard comfort

The minimal vibrations and low sound levels of this sturdy and robust diesel engine help provide high onboard comfort.

Service friendly

Easily accessible maintenance points and single-side servicing contribute to the ease of servicing the engine. Even major maintenance is possible to carry out onboard.

Marine Commercial Control System

Volvo Penta Marine Commercial Control System is an engine control and monitoring system that is easily integrated into the ship’s control system. All actions are displayed with text messages, in any specified language, and logged in a non-erasable memory.

Technical features

- Excellent monitoring with Volvo Penta Marine Commercial Control System - Robust engine design for reliable operation - Easily accessible maintenance points and single-side servicing
- Excellent torque characteristics - Approved by major classification societies - Reliable performance for maximal uptime
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