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The responsive Volvo Penta diesel inboard shaft engines excel in drivability. Their unique marine torque and rapid acceleration, combined with class-leading power-to-weight ratio make the Volvo Penta diesel inboard engine a superior choice for a wide variety of demanding operators of high-performance and heavy-duty operations. Add high reliability, fuel efficiency and low emissions and you have an inboard engine with all you need to maximize uptime and productivity.

Unique marine torque

unique marine torque

The unique marine torque of the Volvo Penta diesel inboards stands out among the competition by offering increased load-carrying capability, rapid acceleration and the ability to maintain a high cruising speed, regardless of load or sea state. 

Low fuel consumption

low fuel consumption

Their fuel efficiency is one of the main benefits you will experience because Volvo Penta engines are based on the Volvo Group’s engine platform. This is vitally important for your daily fuel expenses and long-term cost of ownership.

Emission control

Added emission control

All Volvo Penta engines are designed to withstand high exhaust back pressure, which makes them perfect for applications that require additional, third-part exhaust after-treatment systems.

User-friendly to the core

The Inboard Shaft Diesel engine range is appreciated by operators, yards and designers – all over the world. The compact engine package, the easy installation and the possibilities for a wide range of applications make them the yard’s best choice, whereas the full application and naval architectural support from Volvo Penta engineers combined with the range’s versatility make them ideal for designers.  

Intelligent and open

Intelligent and open Connectivity

Monitoring and control systems can be Volvo Penta’s proprietary, easily integrated systems (EVC or MCC) or the system of your own choice. Whatever your choice, this versatility enables integration with any ship automation system and any user interface. The benefits are an easier installation process for the yard, whereas customers will appreciate the ability to customize the control system – a feature previously unavailable.


The excellent load-carrying capability of Volvo Penta engines makes them a perfect match for fixed-pitch propeller applications. A range of transmissions is available for different speeds and duty profiles.

Volvo Penta engines are a perfect match for any type of waterjet, in terms of power/rpm range and engine response time.


With our high-performance engines, controllable pitch can easily be optimized for different conditions such as transit mode and cruise. Volvo Penta solutions are easily integrated with different transmissions and control systems.

Surface drives
Thanks to their unique marine torque, Volvo Penta engines are an ideal power source for demanding surface drive applications.

Heavy-Duty propulsion

Heavy-Duty propulsion

Solutions for big challenges


State-of-the-art, reliable and extremely fuel efficient – the characteristics of Volvo Penta marine engines make them a perfect choice for a wide range of Heavy-duty propulsion applications. The basic design features robust engine blocks manufactured from high-strength castings, large bearing surfaces and powerful crankshafts. Moreover, every component is engineered to withstand the toughest conditions. Low fuel consumption is a high priority, as are low maintenance costs, exhaust and noise emissions and simple service – aspects that are as vital for the crew as they are for the environment.

Charging sensor


Using high-speed engines as prime movers is the most cost-efficient answer to a broad range of marine power needs. Compared with an installation based on fewer and larger engines, an installation of multiple Volvo Penta engines gives several benefits such as increased load-sharing capacity and better redundancy. As the marine industry moves toward flexible and fuel-efficient drive systems, multiple installations, diesel-electric or hybrid propulsion systems enable higher efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

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