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Thanks to excellent fuel efficiency, first-class maneuverability, and reduced environmental impact, Volvo Penta IPS meets the demands for any of your high-performance commercial applications. Each IPS installation is a complete and perfectly matched propulsion package – delivering optimum performance in all conditions.

30% less fuel, 40% longer range

When it comes to fuel economy, the benefits of Volvo Penta IPS are obvious – an impressive 30% possible reduction in fuel consumption at service speed compared to inboard shafts. That translates into over 40% longer operating range and of course a huge drop in exhaust emissions.

Increased performance

It may seem like an impossible combination, but while decreasing fuel consumption, performance is also greatly improved. In a matchup against inboard shafts of the same power, the differences are obvious. The boat equipped with Volvo Penta IPS accelerates much faster and has a higher top speed.

Fast and easy installation

Volvo Penta IPS is designed for easy installation and integration. Each IPS installation is a complete and perfectly matched propulsion package with all functions integrated, which dramatically shortens the installation time, reducing lead times.

Type approved by Det Norske Veritas

The Volvo Penta IPS system is covered by type approval for the engine, IPS drive and EVC system in accordance with DNV’s rules for High-Speed & Light Craft, based on the SOLAS High-Speed code. Volvo Penta IPS 900 can also be supplied with a product certificate covering the complete system, from helm station to propeller, for vessels requiring fully classified machinery in accordance with DNV’s High-Speed & Light Craft rules.

Why forward facing is superior

Forward facing Efficiency

Forward facing efficiency

The twin, counter-rotating propellers face forward and work in undisturbed water. The propeller thrust is parallel with the hull. All power drives the boat forward.

No Fumes

Virtually no fumes

All exhaust fumes are emitted through the pods, into the prop wash and carried well behind the boat for improved onboard comfort.

Cavitation free


The propellers are positioned well under the hull to eliminate air intrusion and cavitation, even in sharp turns and during full acceleration.

Improve your working environment

Engine Controls

Active and precise maneuvering

The steerable pods react immediately and precisely to driver commands, the turning radius is tight and tracking is absolutely straight. All IPS vessels offer effortless and precise maneuvering. This makes docking procedures time-efficient and cuts turnaround time.

Working environment

Minimal vibrations and noise

Thanks to exhaust fume release through the pod, the low vibration of the twin counter rotating propellers and effective suspension, vibrations and noise levels are significantly reduced, thus increasing onboard comfort.

Vital assistance

By Volvo Penta

One contact – for all your needs

With Volvo Penta IPS you have one contact for everything: engines, drives, propellers, instruments, accessories, service or warranties. The components of the entire propulsion system can be obtained directly from your local Volvo Penta dealer, which equates to easy service. For designers, Volvo Penta offers full application and naval architectural support.

Parts & Service


The quality and reliability of Volvo Penta engines, coupled with quick and qualified service and support with world-class parts distribution, is a combination that provides you with a solid foundation for optimal uptime and cost of ownership. Maximize your productivity and availability with the Volvo Penta dealer network, which is global yet rich in local expertise, the backing of the Volvo Group’s extensive parts distribution system, and protection by Extended Coverage.

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Contact your local dealer

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