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The engine is often at the heart of your operation. Therefore, you are dependent on its reliability and continuous performance. However, older engines might suffer from old technology and substandard power output. One easy way to amend this is to repower your vessel, fitting it with a new engine. Not only do you get the benefits of the tried and tested Volvo Penta range of diesel engines, but it offers opportunities to customize your vessel with additional options and features.

Choosing an engine


Upgrading brings a host of benefits. New Volvo Penta engines feature design considerations and integrated functions to protect both the operator and the engine. And since the engine is new, you’ll enjoy the Volvo Penta’s extended coverage. Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your engine is reliable, and will power you safely out to sea, every time.


Installing a new engine will tangibly improve your vessel’s performance. Volvo Penta’s global dealer network will always be able to assist you in both finding and installing a suitable engine for your operation. Thanks to Volvo Penta’s new, modern diesel engine technology, you’ll enjoy better acceleration and immediate response. Maneuverability will improve along with onboard comfort, thanks to quieter operation and lower vibration levels.


The Volvo Penta engine range has been carefully engineered to deliver impressive fuel economy to operators, no matter to what use they put your vessel. Our engines also comply with most environmental legislation – and many future requirements. Your operation will benefit from considerable cuts in fuel costs while, at the same time, keeping emissions down.

Planning Ahead

System customization

Repowering often means switching from a mechanically governed engine to one with electronic management. The result is improved fuel economy and an entirely new feel in vessel response. Repowering also opens the door to other improvements. For example, MCC (Marine Commercial Control) for easy integration to existing ship control system, or the sophisticated Electronic Vessel Control system (EVC). EVC offers unique control over both engine and propulsion, and can be upgraded with additional options of your choice. For genset engines, MCC monitoring system and Open CAN solutions are available. And even if you should choose to keep the mechanical governing, a repowering means that you'll be able to benefit from new, intuitive controls that improve your experience.

A competent partner

Choosing a suitable partner for your repowering is as important as choosing the right engine. Volvo Penta can assist with a total cost of ownership calculation on which you can base your investment. By choosing to work with Volvo Penta’s authorized dealers, you can take advantage of all the competence at their disposal, with detailed and continuously updated installation knowledge and special tools for propeller calculation. The dealers also work with comprehensive programs for quality-assuring the entire installation.

Exchange components

Exchange components

The Volvo Penta Exchange System gives you access to a comprehensive range of remanufactured components – from injectors and turbos to longblocks and IPS drive units – offering a cost-effective alternative to repair and overhaul. All components, are completely restored to new condition and meet the same stringent quality and safety requirements as new parts.

Exchange components
Volvo Penta Quickline


Quickline is Volvo Penta’s production line for customers operating commercial vessels. In case of an engine breakdown, Volvo Penta can produce custom-built, classified and non-classified 90 to 560 kW D5MG, D7MG, D9MH, D13MH or D16MH/D16MG propulsion engines. With this exclusive service, your downtime is reduced to a minimum.


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