Focus on your core business

Volvo Penta service agreements are designed to help you maximize uptime, lower total cost of ownership and improve cost control – giving you more time to focus on your core business.


A tailored solution

A Volvo Penta service agreement is between you and your Volvo Penta dealer. It can be tailored to your operating needs and budget to include anything from regular inspections to a comprehensive service and maintenance program that includes preventive repairs.

Maximize your productivity

With a Volvo Penta service agreement, your engine is serviced by trained and qualified technicians who know your engine and can make sure it is optimally maintained and runs fuel-efficiently at maximum productivity. All service work can be carefully planned in advance to be as fast and efficient as possible.

Benefits of Volvo Penta Service agreements

With Volvo Penta Serivce agreements you get optimized uptime, easy ownership and a solution tailored to your operating needs. Predictable costs and simplified budgeting as well as work planned in advance for fast and efficient servicing. More time to focus on your core business
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