Volvo Penta D8-450

Volvo Penta D8-450 is an in-line 6-cylinder, 7.7-liter diesel engine using common-rail fuel injection, double overhead camshafts, a twin-entry turbo, and supercharger. This contributes to excellent reliability and long-term durability. The outstanding power-to-weight ratio and low fuel consumption give excellent operating economy. Available 2019.

Better onboard experience

The common-rail technology means minimal vibrations and low noise levels. The wide rpm range provides smooth handling during both acceleration and cruising.

World-class power-to-weight ratio

This engine is perfect for applications that require low weight with high power in order to achieve peak performance, often in demanding conditions.

Unique Marine Torque

The unique marine torque of the Volvo Penta diesel engines stands out among the competition by offering increased load-carrying capability, rapid acceleration, and the ability to maintain a high cruising speed, irrespective of load or sea state.

Optimized fuel consumption

The high-tech fuel injection system together with the light and compact dimensions help make the engine highly fuel efficient. The control unit monitors several parameters to reduce the overall fuel consumption.

Electronic control systems

Volvo Penta offers two type-approved systems for on-board electronic control. Electronic Vessel Control fully integrates the engines, electronics and a range of optional features. Marine Commercial Control System is an open system that is easily integrated into the ship’s control system.

Long service life

A propulsion system from Volvo Penta is easy to maintain. Our comprehensive range of high-quality oil, lubrication and coolant ensures uptime and top performance in the long term. Accessories include a fuel pre-filter to keep the engine in good condition.

Technical features

- Electronically controlled common-rail fuel system - Electronic controls are standard - Easily accessible service points - World-class power-to-weight ratio - Low noise level and fuel consumption
- Solid and robust engine design - Heavy-duty engine cover - PTO capability - Instrumentation with full Electronic Vessel Control functionality - Light with compact dimensions for better installation
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