The technology behind the dreams

Bente showing the engine onboard

"The engine is my best friend"

With no road connection, Bente Aust is totally dependent on her Targa 30, powered by Volvo Penta, to be able to get food, visit friends or access the road to the city.

Get to know the D6-400/DPH
Jack on Volvo Penta IPS

Jack learned to boat with the IPS system

Being new to boating, the Volvo Penta IPS system has been invaluable for yacht owner Jack Faintuch. The maneuverability and comfort provided has meant everything in learning how to boat.

Volvo Penta IPS for Motor Yachts
Glass Cockpit System

Keeping track with glass cockpit system

Yacht owner Jason Squire has navigated to remote bays and faraway islands with the support of Volvo Penta’s Glass Cockpit System. It keeps track of navigation and engine data in a user-friendly and customizable interface.

Glass Cockpit System

Boating Dreams Episodes

Boating dreams are as different as people and we want to share those dreams. Watch all episodes in our Boating Dreams series below.

Richard Sears

Episode 15: Richard Sears’ Boating Dream

The Man and the Whale

For more than four decades, marine mammologist Richard Sears has studied the blue whale. The animal still fascinates him.

Halit Yukay

Episode 14: Halit Yukay's Boating Dream

From school book sketches to his own yacht brand

35-year-old Halit Yukay realized his childhood dream. Today he is the owner and designer of his own yacht brand, Mazu Yachts.

Mareco brothers boating dream

Episode 13: The Mareco Brothers' Boating Dream

A family business built on a common passion

Meet the Swedish brothers Conny, Jimmy and Billy. Their passion for boats made them choose the same path and become marine technicians. Now they run a business together.

The Osse family all together

Episode 12: The Osse Family's Boating Dream

"Building your own boat - why not?"

The Osse family in Brazil is living their boating dream in the midst of sweat and hard work – constructing their own 30-foot boat that someday will take them all the way from São Paulo to Alaska.

Jack and Tammy on their boat

Episode 11: Bente Aust's Boating Dream

Living 300 miles above the arctic circle

After traveling the world Bente Aust found her paradise in remote Langfjordnes in northern Norway. With 15 miles to the nearest road she has to rely on her boat to connect her with the rest of the world.

Jack and Tammy on their boat

Episode 10: Jack and Tammy's Boating Dream

A second home on the Water

With their yacht being essentially in their backyard, Jack and Tammy Faintuch are living their boating dream by the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida.

Åse and Robert on their boat

Episode 9: Åse and Robert's Boating Dream

Bringing the Family Together

Together, brother and sister, Robert and Åse, carry on the love for sailing brought to them by their father.

Boat building with a legacy

Episode 8: David Higgins' boating dream

Boat building with a legacy

For generations, David Higgins’ family has lived on the outcome of the sea. Today, his boating dreams come true at Australian luxury yacht builder Riviera.

Sailing around the world

Episode 7: Ines Chiu Gonzalez's boating dream

Sailing around the world

13 year old Ines Chiu Gonzalez calls the sea a second home and spends most of her time sailing. Now she wants to sail around the world.

Traveling the same routes as the vikings

Episode 6: Bernard Deguy's boating dream

Traveling the same routes as the vikings

79-year-old sea legend Bernard Deguy is making a historical journey at sea, traveling 2,100 nautical miles in the trails of the Vikings.

Jason Squire's boating dream

Episode 5: Jason Squire's Boating Dream

Exploring the South Pacific

Jason Squire is living his boating dream of exploring the South Pacific – pushing beyond the boundaries of ordinary cruising.

Ruben Donné's boating dream

Episode 4: Ruben Donné's Boating Dream

Sailing for MS research

When his father was diagnosed with MS in 2016, 29-year old Ruben Donné decided to fulfil a very special boating dream, to sail from Nieuwpoort, Belgium to Cape Town, South Africa in order to raise funds and awareness to MS research.

Dee Caffari's boating dream

Episode 3: Dee Caffari's Boating Dream

Facing the force of nature

In this episode, skipper Dee Caffari shares her love and concern for the sea and the challenges she and her crew are facing in the world’s toughest sailing competition. For the sixth time, the sailing boats participating in the Volvo Ocean Race are equipped with Volvo Penta engines.

Leonardo Bassilichi

Episode 2: Leonardo Bassilichi's Boating Dreams

Full control over 94 feet

In this episode, we travel to Lipari island off the coast of Sicily, to visit Leonardo Bassilichi on his Amer 94 yacht. For Leonardo, one of the most crucial elements when investing in a new boat is to be able to drive it himself. The Volvo Penta IPS system made it possible for him to upgrade to a larger yacht and still be his own captain.

Luca Santella

Episode 1: Luca Santella's Boating Dream

Behind the design

In this episode, Luca Santella, design development manager at the Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo, shares his boating dream about the new crossover yacht SX88. With more than 35 years’ experience of sailing on a professional level he has extensive knowledge and experience in life out at sea. But how does this reflect in the design of the boat?

Realize your boating dream

Volvo Penta IPS

Volvo Penta IPS

Outstanding maneuverability and dependable power. Greater onboard comfort. And world-class fuel efficiency to match. Volvo Penta IPS is a true game changer that has improved the experience for yachts all over the world.

Volvo Penta IPS
Motor yachts

For Motor Yachts

The freedom to explore, to push new boundaries or to expand your horizons. The possibilities for on-the-water adventures know no limits and neither does our pursuit of innovation. 

For Motor Yachts
For Sailboats

For Sailboats

The very best sailing experience consists of the wind in your hair and the sun in your eyes. A Volvo Penta sailboat engine onboard, ensures that you can savor the memorable moments and keep your mind on what’s most important.

For Sailboats
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