Oil analysis

Oil analysis

Oil Analysis for Better Control

With Volvo Penta oil analysis you get a comprehensive health check of the engine’s and transmission’s condition. The test result will indicate the presence of any potentially harmful substances, allowing you to plan maintenance or other measures, before major failure occurs. 

A Comprehensive Status Check

Volvo Penta oil analysis delivers information on water and fuel content, viscosity, dirt, and the amount of metal particles in the oil from component wear. Should a harmful element be found, you and your dealer will be able to discuss and plan corrective actions. Through regular use of oil analysis, you receive early warnings and can plan preventive maintenance and component changes, thus reducing repair costs and extending the life of your equipment. 

The Benefits of Volvo Penta Oil Analysis

  • High-quality analysis done by accredited laboratories using specified limits values defined by Volvo Penta 
  • Comprehensive diagnosis of the engine’s and transmission’s condition 
  • Makes trends visible and provides early warnings for abnormal wear
  • Increased control over engine status – providing additional peace of mind
  • Helps to plan preventive maintenance

Volvo Penta Oil analysis is an excellent way to identify potential failures, before they occur. The Oil Analysis is available in most markets – please contact your local Volvo Penta Dealer for further information.

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