Volvo Penta unveils control and display system for wakesurfing and water sports

New automated system is centerpiece of fully integrated solution for boatbuilders.

Volvo Penta’s Water Sport Control display.

Volvo Penta has unveiled a new water sport control system designed to create a unique user experience for wakesurfing, wakeboarding and waterskiing enthusiasts. The innovative control and display system gives boatbuilders a turnkey Volvo Penta water sport package that’s fully integrated with the Forward Drive, Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) and Glass Cockpit systems.

“Wakesurfing is one of the fastest growing trends in today’s boating market, and we’re seeing even more boatbuilders bringing to market a new class of boats optimized for water sports enabled by Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive technology,” says Ron Huibers, president and CEO of Volvo Penta of the Americas.

“The Water Sport Control is the latest in our long line of innovations that reflect our Easy Boating vision, applying new automation technologies to make it easier for more people to have fun on the water.”

Easy to use
The new water sport function in the Glass Cockpit display makes it easy to set up and run the boat for wakesurfing, wakeboarding or waterskiing with the touch of a fingertip. Individual profiles for up to three users can be created, pre-stored and loaded in seconds. Once set, the system keeps the boat at the desired speed and trims automatically to create and sustain a perfect wake for the desired water sport activity.

Settings can be adjusted at any time during the ride using the touch-screen or the manual control levers on the side. The live video display on the screen allows boat drivers to watch the activity astern while keeping their eyes forward.

“Volvo Penta has hit another home run with the new Water Sport Control,” says Paul Kuck, director of product development and marketing at Regal Boats.

“Now we’re able to offer our customers a new way to enjoy the excitement and fun of wakesurfing. Most importantly, with Volvo Penta we can deliver a total wakesurfing experience as part of a fully integrated helm-to-prop propulsion package that’s supplied, warranted and supported by a single trusted partner.”

The Volvo Penta Water Sport Control may be seen in Booth 504 at the IBEX 2018 marine trade exhibition in Tampa, Florida, from October 2-4.

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