Step by step: How to build your own boat from scratch

Where do you start when building your own 30-foot boat from scratch? One answer could be: with a little bit of craziness, a good foundation and a lot of determination.


After building canoes together for 20 years, Tony and Cylene Osse in Brazil were ready for a bigger challenge. Now they are half-way to have their dream fulfilled – constructing a 30-foot sedan cruiser that will take the entire family around the world.

Let Tony guide you through a few of the important steps on their boat building journey.

The importance of a good foundation

As with all construction, the most important thing is to start with a good and balanced foundation. With the basic structure in place, you are set to begin your boat building project, Tony explains.

“A one piece boat glued together"

The technique that Tony and Cylene are using is called “stitch and glue”. Hear Tony explain how they use plywood, epoxy and fiberglass to construct a very solid boat.

Take a walk inside the hull

The Osse family have turned the hull and the interior work is soon to begin. Join Tony on a walk inside the boat-to-be as he imagines the future kitchen, shower cabin etc.

The boat that the Osse family are building:
Model Black Crown 30
Length 30 ft. - 6 in.
Beam 10 ft. - 8.58 in.
Draft 26 in.
Power Inboard diesel stern drive
Displacement 10500 lbs.
Hull Type Semi-Displacement
Speed 18 knot cruise/29 knot max
Range 450 miles @ 18 knots

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