Saving fuel never looked so cool: Palm Beach Motor Yachts’ flagship with Volvo Penta IPS

Palm Beach Motor Yachts has launched their next flagship, the GT60, at the Miami Yacht Show. Powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS 1350s this new yacht has unrivaled fuel-efficiency in its class.

Saving fuel never looked so cool: Palm Beach Motor Yachts’ flagship with Volvo Penta IPS

“This yacht gives customers a unique experience on the water,” states Palm Beach Motor Yachts’ designer and CEO, Mark Richards. “It offers a winning combination of efficiency, high performance, and the beauty of its timeless design.” Palm Beach Motor Yachts launched this flagship at the Miami Yacht Show in Sea Isle Marina, Biscayne Bay.

In the last few weeks Palm Beach Motor Yachts performed sea trials near its U.S headquarters in Stuart Florida. In these trials the GT60 reached speeds exceeding 40 knots, thanks to her Volvo Penta IPS 1350s, which have a combined output of 2,000 hp. However, arguably more remarkable is the GT60’s fuel efficiency which measures at approximately 75 gallons per hour when operating at speeds of 35 knots. This means that owners can travel from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas (258 nautical miles) in just over 5 hours, while consuming less than 42% of the total fuel reserve.

The GT60 is the brainchild of Mark Richards. Mark and his team have worked hard to deliver a stylish and powerful yacht – with a performance curve that is virtually unmatched in the industry. The notable performance is – in part – due to the light weight vacuum-infused carbon fiber superstructure but also the twin Volvo Penta IPS 1350s which power this impressive yacht – helping her reach incredible speeds while still maintaining fuel efficiency.

“The GT60 is an absolute dream result,” Richards says happily. “To have such a beautiful boat wrapped around a twin-engine system, that outperforms similar sized competing products that use 3 engines—or twice the horsepower—is a truly remarkable achievement.”

Effortless control and comfort
But speed doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. The GT60 offers a remarkedly soft ride and effortless maneuverability. Noise is also something that customers will not be bothered by as this yacht is incredibly quiet despite its power range.  

The captain has full control thanks to the visibility at the helm and the intuitive Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System. Additionally, comfort is also enhanced thanks to Volvo Penta’s easy boating approach – providing an integrated propulsion solution from prop to helm. The driving experience of this yacht is effortless, so you can reach new speeds with comfort and security.

Palm Beach Motor Yachts has already seen a lot of industry excitement around this flagship. “We already have market interest,” exclaims Richards, “which is the best reward for my team’s tireless efforts. I couldn’t be prouder.”

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