Aqumatic Sterndrive Features

Features and Benefits


Ever since its introduction in 1959, the Aquamatic has catered to demanding boaters looking for the perfect combination of reliability and performance. The Aquamatic Gasoline engines delivers robust low-end torque, exhilarating high-end power and exceptional mid-range response. The perfect choice – for watersport fun and leisurely cruising.

Clean transom, increased comfort

Clean transom, increased comfort

With an uncluttered transom you will have easy access to the water, and you can do so with less exposure to exhaust fumes. A true win for boaters who fancy, for example, watersports or diving. Since almost half of the time boating involves idling, it’s good to know that CO emissions are dramatically reduced at idle – exceeding current US and EU, emission requirements.

Efficiency you can feel

Efficiency you can feel

The larger effective propeller blade area of the Duoprop makes the Aquamatic's driveline more efficient – saving you up to 30% on fuel consumption. Direct fuel injection enables you to get more energy from each and every drop of fuel. On top of this, the Variable Valve Timing allows each movement of the intake and exhaust valve to be optimized for speed and load. Put together, it translates into higher torque and acceleration across the full range of RPM’s. Explore the propeller range to see the advantages available for your vessel.

Focused on fun


Volvo Penta Speed Control automatically adjusts the throttle to maintain constant engine speed during load changes, like when a wake boarder cuts hard, during turns or in shifting seas. The engine makes micro throttle adjustments so the operator can concentrate fully on having fun instead.



The engine's aluminum blocks and fresh water cooling is constructed specifically for marine use. For greater durability, the engines inner components are fully protected from exposure to salt or sea water and are cooled through an internal water cooling system. And with the convenient Easy Drain solution, you quickly and easily drain all the raw water from your engine – with a single push of a button.

Engineered for marine demands


On the water you’ll notice exhaust fumes are virtually eliminated, because these are the cleanest marine gas engines on the market today. CO emissions are reduced by 95% at idle, exceeding current EPA, and future EU, emission requirements. Volvo Penta Next Generation gasoline engines are five times cleaner than outboards at a similar horsepower.



The Aquamatic combines the benefits of both inboard as well as outboard systems. These benefits with the counter-rotating twin propellers, the Duoprop, renders unrivaled and fuel-efficient performance with responsive handling and safe grip. Compared with the outboard engine, the sterndrive engine is placed lower and more forward in the boat. In rough sea conditions, this makes for a more comfortable ride.

Compared to outboards

  • Duoprop for better handling and performance.
  • Freshwater cooling as standard for longer service life.
  • Lower center of gravity – a more comfortable ride.
  • Engine safely inside the boat – longer service life.
  • Higher theft protection – engine built into the boat.
  • Optional Powertrim assistant and Tow-mode with Electronic Vessel Control (EVC).
  • Uncluttered transom – easy access to the water.
  • Increased fuel economy

Compared to inboards

  • Reduced sound and vibrations – better onboard comfort
  • Improved handling and easier maneuvering
  • Compact, integrated installation at the stern gives more onboard space
  • Duoprop for better handling and performance
  • Higher fuel efficiency – better thrust angles give you better performance.
  • Kick-up function on drive for impact protection
  • Exhausts emitted through drive, into prop and washed away from boat
  • Powertrim and optional Powertrim assistant to automatically optimize ride

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