Inboard shaft features


Inboard shaft

Whether installed in a yacht or in a private sailboat, Volvo Penta diesel engines have proved their reliability and efficiency. These engines are well-known by sailors all over the world for their remarkable power and quiet operation. It is a complete and integrated system from one supplier.

Volvo Penta Durability


Volvo Penta marine diesel inboard engines are designed and built to be immensely strong, with a rigid engine block and a one-piece cylinder head. Every engine part is developed for maximum performance and durability. Volvo Penta develops and matches complete packages and all products have been carefully tested in our own marine test centers.

World-renowned engine design

World-renowned engine design

Our inboard engines are well known throughout the international boating community for their remarkable power and quiet operation.

  1. Freshwater cooling is standard.
  2. Fast fuel bleeding.
  3. Effective intake silencer contributes to low engine noise.
  4. Durable multi V-belt with user-friendly tensioner.
  5. 115A alternator with built-in charging sensor.
  6. Rigid engine block for low noise.
  7. Engine suspension with large damping volume boosts comfort.
More performance – less emissions

More performance – less emissions

The D-series engines offer a unique marine torque for rapid acceleration and efficient cruising speeds. The state-of-the-art engine technology helps keep fuel consumption and CO2 emissions at a very low level.

Unique Marine Torque

Unique Marine Torque

The D-series engines deliver high torque even at low rpm. That means plenty of power, quick response to all commands and greater onboard comfort. It also provides power to drive the most powerful alternators in the industry.

A Platform of Possibilities

A Platform of Possibilities

The Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) platform lets you add intelligent features to your inboard engine (D3 & D4). Low-speed Mode or the intuitive Cruise Control can all be integrated in the standard controls.

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