Type FH – Stainless-steel Duoprop propellers

This is the perfect upgrade for enhanced performance, strength and durability. It provides better acceleration and higher top speed due to greater strength and thinner blades - versus a comparable aluminum propeller. The high-strength stainless steel adds excellent durability and corrosion resistance. Complete with shock-absorbing rubber bushing and galvanic isolation makes it perfectly matched for the DPS-drive and the ultimate choice for demanding boaters.
- Enhanced acceleration and top speed versus a comparable aluminum propeller. - Excellent strength, durability and corrosion resistance. - Galvanic isolation protects the drive from corrosion caused by the propellers
- Shock-absorbing rubber bushing reduces vibrations and stress on the drivetrain. - Three-blade front propeller and three-blade rear propeller. - Type F has straight splines, type FH has helical (spiral) splines.
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