Boat Trim System 300

The Boat Trim System (BTS) is available in two versions. The smaller BTS 300 interceptor units are 300 mm long. The BTS 300 can be installed in one or two pairs per boat, and is recommended for boats, 15 to 24 feet (one pair, single‐engine installations) and 22 to 30 feet (one pair, twin‐engine installations) or 32 to 44 feet (single‐engine installations paired with BTS 450), with planing and semi-planing hulls.
- The Boat Trim System is made of composite material. - All electrical parts are “sealed for life”. - All parts are virtually corrosion free and will not cause any galvanic corrosion. - Requires very little maintenance compared with conventional, hydraulic trim tab systems.
- The blades retract automatically at engine shut‐off to reduce risk of damage and minimize marine growth. - Compact design gives compact installation. - Quicker response than conventional trim tabs. - Less drag compared with conventional trim tabs.
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