Cruise Control

The Cruise control lets the driver fine‐tune the cruising speed.


Fingertip control

With fingertip control of the engine rpm, the driver can fine‐tune the boat’s speed to optimize fuel economy and comfort at the touch of a button. Located on the control, the Cruise control button is easy to reach. With Low speed Mode activated, the Cruise control function also controls the clutch and lets the operator fine‐tune also in very low boat speed.

Fine‐tune the speed at sea

The Cruise control enables the driver to set a specific speed for the boat without having to manually adjust the throttle to maintain the desired speed. The engine speed can then easily be finetuned with the fingertip. The Cruise control deactivates direct on throttle movement.

Increased safety and optimized fuel efficiency

With the Cruise control it is easy to adjust and fine‐tune engine speed to make the drive safer in rough and windy conditions. In crowded marinas and narrow passages it is easy to make very small adjustments of the boat’s speed. The Cruise control also helps optimize the fuel efficiency.
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