Volvo Penta Interceptor System

The Volvo Penta Interceptor System is a boat trim system for simpler, safer and more comfortable driving. It is integrated in the Electronic Vessel Control system – Volvo Penta’s electronic platform – which makes it extremely easy to handle. This robust system can be used for both planing and semi-planing Volvo Penta-powered boats 35 feet and larger.


Manual and Automatic mode

The Interceptor System is available as a fully automatic system with manual overlay control at all times. The precise Manual control function is standard and can be extended with two optional auto modes. Auto Trim and List gives automatic correction of the boats trim and list, optimizing the boat’s performance in all conditions. With Auto Trim, List and Coordinated Turn the system is also capable of adjusting the list in a turn based on a predetermined value, specific to each boat model. This keeps the boat more upright in sharp turns and allows for a true turn, i.e. when people aboard feel no sideway forces during the turn. Auto Trim, List and Coordinated Turn.

Superior onboard comfort and fuel efficiency

When activated in Auto mode, the Interceptor System continuously adjusts the boat to the most favorable running angle for smooth boat behavior and a more comfortable ride. Maintaining the best trim angle also minimizes the fuel consumption. Less fuel means reduced costs and lower environmental impact.

Improved visibility

Compared with a boat with a traditional trim system, a boat with the Volvo Penta Interceptor System, in the optional Auto mode, quickly moves up on the plane and stays stable and more upright in sharp turns. This means significantly improved visibility ahead and enhanced on-board safety. The system also provides excellent visibility in sharp turns.

Corrosion-free interceptors

The interceptors are made from corrosion-free materials and require virtually no maintenance. The composite material will not cause any galvanic corrosion and does not require protective anodes that have to be replaced.
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