Engine Monitoring Displays

The Volvo Penta Engine Monitoring Displays provide direct access to essential engine and transmission data. The presentation of the data can easily be adapted to suit each user.


Full control

By providing diagnostics and constant monitoring of all vital functions such as engine data, fuel consumption, trim, and rudder angles, the Volvo Penta range of monitoring displays gives the driver full control.

Fully integrated with the Electronic Vessel Control

The engine monitoring displays are perfectly matched with the Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control system. In addition to displaying warnings and alarms, they monitor engine and transmission as well as add‐on options

High precision

The engine monitoring displays have been developed together with Volvo Penta’s engines, transmissions and the Electronic Vessel Control system – this means a high level of precision and reliability.

User friendly

The easy‐to‐read displays combine high efficiency with user‐friendliness. The layouts and views can be customized to suit different driving styles, making it easier for the driver to decide how the information should be displayed.
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