Volvo Penta D6-IPS600 is a perfectly matched package, powered by the in-line 6-cylinder D6, a 5.5-liter, common-rail diesel with a turbo, and supercharger, working together with a perfectly matched pod. This high-efficient propulsion system offers excellent maneuverability, onboard comfort, fuel efficiency, and low emissions.


Steerable pods provide superior slow-speed maneuverability and excellent high-speed handling. The joystick makes docking easy and safe, even in confined spaces. Outstanding maneuverability also leads to efficient driver response and high safety.


This perfectly matched package provides outstanding performance and excellent maneuverability. By working in undisturbed water, the forward-facing propellers enhance the already high performance.


This package is designed for low noise and high onboard comfort. A combined rubber suspension and seal absorb propulsion forces and vibrations. All exhaust fumes are emitted through the pods and into the prop wash for improved comfort.


Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control fully integrates the propulsion system enabling the unique set of optional features, such as Joystick Docking, Dynamic Positioning System, and Glass Cockpit.


The engine is designed and built to be immensely strong, using cutting edge technolgy and material. Together, the engine and pod form a compact, robust and highly efficient package that is easy to install. This gives excellent reliability and long-term durability.


A propulsion system from Volvo Penta is easy to maintain. Our comprehensive range of high-quality oil, lubrication, and coolant ensures top performance and more time at sea. Standard features include replaceable separate full-flow and bypass oil filter, oil level and oil temperature sensors and crank case oil separator to keep the engine in good condition. Maintenance assistant in the standard display indicating time to service.


- Totally integrated system – from helm to propeller - Solid and robust engine design - Unique, steerable pods - Forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers - Integrated seawater and exhaust system - Twin rubber suspension and sealing rings plus soft-suspended engines - Electronically controlled common-rail injection system - Electronic Vessel Control
- Electronic shift and throttle - Electronic steering, enabling features such as joystick maneuvering and Dynamic Positioning System - Hydraulic gear shift system with Low-speed Mode as standard - Oil exchange is done from inside vessel - Nickel-bronze-aluminum alloy and stainless steel in all main underwater components - Complete range of propellers available - Easily accessible service points
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