Joystick Driving

Joystick Driving offers an easy way to maneuver with precision. It allows the driver to steer comfortably at all speeds with only one hand.



When Joystick Driving is activated, the Autopilot turns on simultaneously. The driver steers the boat by moving the Joystick. When the Joystick is released, the Autopilot is engaged and keeps a forward course. The set course can easily be changed on the Autopilot with a slight turn of the Joystick. 1: Course adjustment. 2: Steering. 3: Joystick driving on/off.

Enables ergonomic helm solutions

The placement of the joystick makes uncomfortable positions and demanding steering sessions a thing of the past. With the simple press of a button on the joystick, the function is engaged and you can lean back and steer with one hand – no matter the speed – with perfect response.


Joystick Driving requires twin installation, electronic steering and the integrated Volvo Penta Autopilot. Only for diesel engines. Since the function is integrated in the Joystick, no additional hardware is needed.
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